A roofing contractor has to be skilled at achieving a balance between getting the job done right and getting it done with the most efficient use of time. Time on the roof is money.

Atlas did their research and found that it was time for an advancement in the shingle installation process. Contractors were finding that shingles needed a stronger high-wind resistance, an increased exposure for easier measurement, a better way to prevent drop-out, and a method to reduce roofing installation time, yet still attach the product securely to the roof deck.

This year, Atlas introduced its high-performance shingle line that is “Built with HP Technology,” giving roofing contractors all they wanted and then some. There are five unique features added to shingles built with HP Technology. Each one is designed to help roofing contractors install quicker and easier — and reduce callbacks.

Shingles built with HP Technology are wider and longer, so fewer shingles are needed per square. That saves time, money and energy as roofers have less product to carry onto the roof. The larger size also creates a more aesthetically pleasing appearance on the home.

Atlas shingles built with HP Technology have FASTAC double sealant lines for increased adhesion during installation. The shingles adhere faster in optimal temperature, plus a solid seal means fewer callbacks.

Measurements are simplified with the larger 6-inch exposure on shingles built with HP technology. Time is saved because there are fewer rows to install. The increased exposure also gives the shingles a real architectural look.

Another potential callback can be caused by “high nailing,” a mistake that occurs when a roofer fails to nail both layers of shingles due to a small nailing area. These new shingles have a true 1¼-inch Sweet Spot. This wider nailing area ensures reliability of the installation and virtually eliminates high nailing.

Shingles have to stand up to nature’s worst weather, and shingles built with HP Technology are warranted to withstand 130 mph winds and wind-driven rain with a standard 4-nail application. Only requiring a 4-nail installation means a quicker installation and fewer nails.

HP Technology is available on three Atlas residential shingle lines: Pinnacle® Pristine, StormMaster® Shake and StormMaster Slate.

 When contractors join the Signature Select Program, they gain access to exclusive incentives on innovative roofing products, such as shingles built with HP Technology, they can’t find anywhere else. Atlas Roofing also gives them business support exactly when they need it. This includes product information, marketing tools and reward offers that add profit to a roofing contractor’s bottom line. Find information on our high-performance shingles that are built with HP Technology at www.atlasroofing.com.