ASHEVILLE, N.C.Jason Campbell, a professional in designing and installing solar energy systems for commercial applications, has joined North American Roofing to lead its Solar Energy Services Group.

Campbell has eight years of technical energy experience in renewable energy and energy efficiency, including the management of 150 solar and wind projects for an architectural and environmental firm in Arizona, renewable energy system design, permitting and purchasing, and development and management of LEED projects for government and major corporations. He is certified by the National Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) and holds a Bachelor of Science in environmental science with emphasis on appropriate technology from Humboldt State University, Arcata, Calif.

By working directly with national manufacturers of high-caliber solar arrays and components, the company’s Solar Energy Services Group “gives developers and engineers a partner in creating, designing, installing and performing preventative maintenance through our SolarGuard program on solar projects anywhere in the U.S.,” said Campbell.

As the former solar sales manager with LightWave Solar Electric in Nashville, Tenn., and business development manager with EnerNOC in Boston, Campbell will be working to build a strong sales team with the goal to position North American Roofing as one of the nation’s largest energy integration companies. “North American Roofing is now positioned to not only be the commercial roofer of choice, but we can also help with permitting, purchasing, rebates, utility interconnection — all the components in building a truly integrated solar energy system,” he said.

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