BEACHWOOD, Ohio – Vegetated Roof System Assemblies (VRSAs) have become increasingly popular over the last decade as organizations seek to reduce the volume of storm water entering the sewer system, lower energy use and make their facilities more appealing. But even more than a typical roof, VRSAs require regular service to provide the expected benefits and ensure that they do not leak. Until now, there has not been a consistent program to provide such service independent of a VRSA’s manufacturer.

That’s why Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance is introducing the TremCare® Green Vegetated Roof System Assembly Maintenance Program. “The TremCare Green VRSA Maintenance Program is a comprehensive extension of our industry-leading TremCare roof maintenance program specially designed for the unique challenges of vegetated roofing system assemblies,” said Mary Ann Uhlmann, manager, Tremco Vegetated Roofing Program Development. “It doesn’t matter who installed the VRSA; our concern is that the plants thrive and the roof itself stays in peak condition.”

Each TremCare Green VRSA Maintenance Program consists of our PlantHealth™ Analysis and a number of annual services. PlantHealth Analysis is a thorough inspection conducted by either a Tremco Roofing staff horticulturist or VRSA Specialist, with support from a soil analysis laboratory. It consists of the following:

• A review of maintenance logs, as-built planting plan(s) and details
• Inspection of the VRSA, including all exposed conventional roof and flashing systems
• Collecting samples of the growing media for testing and analysis at the laboratory
• A VRSA Condition Report including test results
• A PlantHealth Analysis Report with growing test results and a comprehensive assessment of plants and components
• A TremCare Green VRSA management program proposal for ongoing maintenance as well as any necessary repairs to the vegetated roof

Accessory systems such as irrigation systems, lighting or rainwater harvest systems can be inspected and serviced as well at an extra charge.

The Services of a TremCare Green VRSA Management Program include:

• Weeding and fertilizing as necessary at the time of scheduled visits
• If non-irrigated, supplemental watering during scheduled visits
• An annual soil nutrient test
• Removal of leaf debris and dead and unhealthy plants
• Yearly shearing/pruning if necessary to improve plant growth and deter disease
• Integrated pest management

The TremCare Green VRSA management program also includes features from the existing TremCare roof maintenance program, such as our 24-hour Emergency Leak Response commitment and access to inspection reports through our state-of-the-art OLI® (On-Line Information) system. The TremCare roof maintenance program provides housekeeping, preventive maintenance and service to keep traditional roofs in peak condition.

With its regularly scheduled inspections, maintenance, housekeeping, even emergency leak repair, the TremCare Green VRSA management program helps ensure that problems are unearthed and corrected quickly, to prevent costly repairs to a vegetated roof. No other service program on the market today covers so much ground.

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