BEACHWOOD, Ohio — Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance is taking the next step in keeping roofs and buildings safe from water damage by introducing Knovi Monitoring Technology and the SmartDrain™ rooftop sensor.  

"Water can be devastating to roofs or buildings, especially water trapped by clogged roof drains, which can become enormously heavy," said Product Manager Ashley Cooper. "Knovi Monitoring Technology with SmartDrain rooftop sensors can prevent this from happening, further providing building owners with roofing and weatherproofing peace of mind."

Attached to rooftop drains, SmartDrain sensors are activated when they detect rising water levels, sending automatic alerts through the SmartGateway™ to notify facility managers before major problems can develop. Monitoring occurs around the clock: SmartGateway software ensures constant wireless communication between a facility manager and all the SmartDrain sensors on a roof, sending alerts and updates to mobile devices or PCs to keep the manager informed of potential issues in real time.

The sensors are easy to install, so they can quickly begin protecting roofs.

Each SmartDrain is fully integrated with Tremco Roofing's comprehensive facility database, which contains everything facility managers need to know to cost effectively manage their roofing investment — inspection and maintenance data, photos, repair recommendations and much more. This system can even send customized reminders about a roof's warranty, inspections and sensor maintenance.

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