Self-Adhering Flashing Membrane
MFM Building Productsedge

Peel & Seal® from MFM Building Products is a tough, dependable waterproofing membrane for a multitude of flashing applications. It is the ideal solution for flashing around chimneys, roof vents, ducts, skylights, dormers and other difficult to waterproof items. It is also perfect for repairing gutters, smooth asphalt or metal roofs. The self-stick properties make installation quick and easy. A sharp utility knife and hand roller are the only tools needed. Peel & Seal is also self-sealing around fasteners. For more information, call 800-882-7663 or visit






Wind-Resistant Gutter
W.P. Hickman

W.P. Hickman’s Wind Resistant Gutter is specifically engineered and tested to meet the requirements of the recently developed ANSI/SPRI GD-1 Standard for Gutter Systems Used with Low-Slope Roofs. The gutter system incorporates a 1-inch wide extruded aluminum internal gutter bracket for strength and support. The bracket also reduces the torque of the metal with expansion and contraction in temperature changes. Matching corners, end caps, elbows, and other accessories are all available to match the straights lengths for a complete factory fabricated system. For more information, call 800-892-9173 or visit



Rapid-Curing Liquid Mastic 
The Garland Company



Garland’s Tuff-Flash™ liquid-applied mastic is an easy to apply, durable roof flashing system that provides superior water protection and weathering capabilities, according to the company. It is a single component, zero VOC asphalt polyurethane that can be applied with a brush or trowel. It adheres to asphaltic membranes as well as a variety of metal surfaces and is well suited for complex or irregular roofing details. For more information, call 800-321-9336 or visit







Gutter Insert

SlimGuard is a gutter insert that maintains the full dimension of the inside of the gutter. It is the only gutter insert that has no seams on the inside or outside corners, according to the company. It is a fast installation using only a pair of scissors with no screws or caulk required and nothing installs under the shingles. For more information, call 800-796-4476 or visit




Curb System Penetration Seals 



Roofing and solar contractors increasingly choose E-Curb System Penetration Seals because they deliver high performance, according to the company. Comprised of lightweight Forms, 1-Part™ Pourable Sealer and M-1® Structural Adhesive/Sealant, E-CURBS are a modification of the CHEMCURB TM Penetration Seal System, introduced in 1995 by CHEM LINK in response to contractor request and the universal insufficiencies of pitch pans. They provide adhesion, contain no harmful solvents or toxic materials, never shrink or outgas, install quickly and reduce labor. For more information, visit






Gutter Protection
DCI Products

Flo-Free Leaf Guard is a revolutionary industrial strength, 3/4-inch thick, black nylon product that fits neatly inside your new or existing gutter. Flo-Free prevents leaves, twigs, pine needles, snow and all other debris from clogging the natural flow of water in to your gutter using Surface Technology. Flo-Free Surface Technology was created to provide a smooth, slick top surface to shed leaves and debris while drawing rainwater in to the gutter like a magnet. It can fit in just about every gutter size, and leaves 100 percent of the gutter mouth open to accept water flow even in the heaviest of downpours. For more information, visit





Light Gauge Steel Flashing and Trim
Coated Metals Group


Residential flashing and trim are some of the most popular and universally utilized roofing products on the market. Coated Metals Group carries a full line of light gauge steel flashing and trim in varying colors, gauges, widths and profiles. Contact your local sales representative to find out what makes CMG the leader in residential flashing and trim, according to the company. For more information, visit




edge6Seamless Gutter Systems
Garrety Manufacturing, Inc.

Garrety Manufacturing, Inc. specializes in manufacturing roll-formed seamless residential, commercial, and industrial gutter systems. The company’s seamless gutter is roll formed to the lengths you specify. The gutter systems work perfectly with flat, shingled, and metal roofing systems. The material comes in a variety of colors, gauges, sizes, and metals including aluminum, steel, and copper. The company offers a full line of commercial gutter systems and accessories, shop broken material, and half round gutter systems. For more information, visit



edge67Door and Window Flashing


IPG introduces NovaFlash™ SA Self-Adhered Door and Window Flashing products designed to prevent air and vapor intrusion around door and window cavities. All NovaFlash SA products feature self-stick installation and are self sealing around nails, screws, and staples. When installed properly, the flashing products create a barrier against air infiltration, as recommended by ENERGY STAR Home Sealing guidelines. All are tear and puncture resistant, durable, and can be applied in a wide range of temperatures. For more information, visit




edge678Gutter Screen
Black Magic Filters

Black Magic Filters® is UL Tested and Class 1 Fire Rated. They come in 4-foot lengths and are black in color. The filters keep debris out and allows water to flow through. The black color is the last one to freeze and the first one to thaw and is easy to install, according to the company. For more information, visit







Roof Flashing Products
TRA Snow and Sun

TRA Snow and Sun offers a full line of roof flashing products including the VersaFlash, TileSeal, and TileVent. The VersaFlash is designed for trim junctions, head walls, side walls, and other hard to flash areas. It is highly durable, weather resistant, and made of full aluminum. Butyl adhesive lines the back of the aluminum to provide secure attachment and additional security from driving rain and snow. The TileVent and TileSeal are designed specifically for tile applications and have butyl strips that line the back. For more information, call 800-606-8980.




edge10Rainware and Perimeter Edge Trim
ATAS International, Inc.

ATAS International Inc. offers functional and attractive Rainware and Perimeter Edge Trim systems for commercial and residential applications. Rainware systems include gutters in K, Box, and custom styles as well as downspout and associated accessories. Perimeter Edge Trim are engineered systems applied to the edge of a roof to weather proof the perimeter of low slope roofing systems. They meet the standard, Wind Design Guide for Edge Systems Used with Low Slope Roofing Systems. Flashings also are available to match all ATAS profiles. For more information, visit






Formed Gravel Stop Fascia


FlintEDGE Fascia GS is a simple formed gravel stop fascia, continuous anchor clip with a concealed splice plate at the joints. The Multi-part technology prevents shrinking, pull-back and thermal separation from the roof’s edge. There are three clip styles to choose from and 24 standard colors of coil-coated Kynar® 500 on 24 gauge galvanized steel and .032, .040 and .050-inch aluminum. It is covered by a 25-year warranty in wind conditions up to 155 mph. For more information, visit








Seamless Gutters
Raytec Manufacturing

For more than 40 years, Raytec Manufacturing has been providing “Everything You Need to Hang Seamless Gutters” with Hangfast ® and Hangtite ™ hidden hangers. Redi-Form/Pre-Bent Step Flashing are in stock in almost any size, color and material. Custom Fabricated Drip Edge and Apron are made quickly for fast turnaround time. There are no setup charges for custom fabrication. For more information, call 877-800-2500 or e-mail






Metal Roofing Pipe Flashing
Triangle Fastener Corporation

Triangle Fastener Corp. stocks a large selection of sealants, flashings, tapes, paints, and adhesives. From pipe flashings to foam closures, the company stocks hard to find products that seal out the weather in a variety of applications or conditions. The TFC PIPE MASTER® Metal Roofing Pipe Flashing is a flexible, weather resistant EPDM in rubber or silicone. The grey EPDM is ozone and ultraviolet resistant. The aluminum base is flexible to conform to any panel and the appropriate pipe size diameter listed on the flashing to assure proper fit. For more information, visit




edge15Drip Edge, Flashings and Gutters
Wrisco Industries Inc.

 Let Wrisco Industries Inc. benefit your roofing, drip edge, flashing and gutter needs. Wrisco supplies 24 gauge fluropon galvalume steel in a variety of cool roof colors. In addition, Wrisco stocks painted, kynar, anodized and mill finish aluminum sheet and coil in a wide variety of colors and gauges to suit your particular job requirements. For more information, call 800-627-2646, e-mail or visit