A product roundup focusing on drip edge, flashing and gutter systems.

Gutter Goods Line

RHEINZINK America Inc. has announced an expansion of the company’s sales and marketing efforts for its line of gutter goods and accessories for residential and commercial applications. RHEINZINK has been used extensively for drainage applications throughout Europe for decades. For more information, call 617-871-6777 or visitwww.rheinzink.com.

Flexible Flashing

FlexFlash High Profile is a flexible headwall and sidewall flashing that expands up to 33 percent. It is available in copper and aluminum. It is designed for “S” type and other high profile tiles. FlexFlash HP is fully recyclable, highly durable and weather resistant. It is available in widths of 9, 11 and 15.5 inches. It comes in lengths of 15 feet and colors of terracotta, brown, black, and gray. For more information, visitwww.flexflash.com.

Hidden Gutter Hangers

Raytec Manufacturing has been catering to gutter and roofing contractors for over 30 years. Gutter contractors have reported that the patented Hangtite and Hangfast hidden gutter hangers are the strongest hangers in the industry. Hangtite is the hidden hanger without the built in screw. Hangfast has the built in screw engineered into the design of the hanger. Both styles are available with or without clip in 5- and 6-inch lengths. For more information, call 877-800-2500 or fax 717-354-4306.

Metal Edge System

The Firestone UNA-Edge Metal Edge System includes three edge securement products: Coping System, GravelStop System and DripEdge System and meets the International Building Code (IBC) compliance for edge-metal flashings. The system includes simple and straightforward architectural sheet metal detailing, with no spring clips, extruded components, or crimped edges, for ease of installation and labor cost savings. For more information, visitwww.firestonebpco.com.

Redesigned Gutter System

W.P. Hickman Company offers a new, heavy-gauge industrial gutter system with an interior strap that eliminates the need for exterior hangers, creating a smoother line that is more aesthetically pleasing.  Available in three shapes, box, chamfer or offset, Hickman’s newest gutter system offers improved performance because the interior strap hooks onto the face, preventing it from pulling away from the building.  For more information, call Rick Rhinehart at 800-892-9173, ext. 122.

Gutter Protection System

Flo-Free Leaf Guards are unnoticeable from the ground, easily installed in any gutter system, and very profitable.  Fast training cycle for companies with certification is available. For more information, call for Special Flo-Free Trial Kit and Samples at 800-622-4455 or click onwww.dciproducts.com.

Seamless Gutter System

Garrety Manufacturing Inc. roll forms Seamless Commercial Gutter Systems on site in the Northeastern United States. The company supplies 7-inch box gutters with and without a roof flange; 6-inch and 5-inch K gutter in .050/.040/.032 aluminum; 24-gauge steel; and 16-ounce copper in both Kynar 500 and polyester finishes, as well as commercial downspouts and accessories. For more information, call Garrety Manufacturing Inc. at 800-628-5849.

Copper-Clad Stainless Gutters

Copper-cladded stainless steel is a cost-efficient alternative to copper. With savings upwards of 25 percent, copper clad stainless steel delivers the beauty, durability and integrity of solid copper. Solid copper strips metallurgically bond to stainless steel providing all the attributes of stainless steel with the beauty and characteristics of copper. The product is available in K-style, half round gutters and accessories, valleys, drip edge and flashings.  For more information, go towww.guttersupply.com.

Continuous Box Gutters

A.R.J. Inc. of Wickliffe, Ohio, has designed a continuous roll-forming machine able to roll out continuous box gutters in 6-inch, 7-inch, 8-in inch and 10-inch dimensions. The company can work in .032, .040, .050 aluminum; 22- and 24-gauge steel; optional flange-back and reverse flange; and Alcoa hook. Hangers in matching finishes are optional, while shipping in 50-foot lengths is available anywhere in the United States (freight additional). For more information, call 866-256-8483.

New Gutter Design

RainPro from Englert Inc. is a revolutionary new residential gutter design that provides a much greater capacity for water flow than a conventional 5-inch K Gutter system while adding elegant architectural lines and shadowing to the roofline and exterior of a home. RainPro looks and functions differently than conventional systems, featuring a trough and a 33/8-inch outlet and leader system much larger than the conventional 5-inch gutter. For information, visitwww.englertinc.com.

Copper, Aluminum and Steel Gutters

For over 130 years, Berger Building Products Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of roof drainage products such as gutter systems that are available in copper, aluminum, and steel. The company also provides soffit, fascia, trim coil, drip edges, step flashings, kick-out diverters, conductor heads, gutter guards and all of the associated accessories and fittings. For more information, call 800-523-8852 or visitwww.bergerbros.com.

Permanent Gutter Protection

Rain Flow is a permanent solution that prevents clogged gutters and eliminates the problems of traditional screens and metal covers. Water flows freely through this latex-coated natural fiber material, but leaves, seeds and other debris stay on top to blow away on the next breezy day. No screw, nails, brackets or caulk is needed for installation. Rain Flow cuts with scissors and is invisible from the ground. It fits 5- and 6-inch K-style gutters, providing high profits and easy installation. For more information, call 800-796-4476 or visitwww.rainflowusa.com.