Single-ply systems manufacturers and their products.

BondCote Roofing Systems

Systems offered: Thermoplastic NBP.

Roll sizes (length and width): 36 inches by 100 feet, 36 inches by 78 feet, 72 inches by 100 feet, 72 inches by 78 feet, 33 inches by 102 feet, 66 inches by 102 feet .

Custom rolls: Yes, depending upon size and lead-time.

Thicknesses available: 35 mil, 40 mil, 50 mil, 60 mil, 80 mil.

Weight per square: 25 pounds.

Attachment options: Mechanically attached, fully adhered, wind ballast.

Colors offered: Standard colors are white, gray and tan. Custom colors are also available.

Recommended insulation: Various.

Acceptable decks: Various.

FM and UL Ratings: Yes.

Warranties offered: Up to 20 years.

Recent Project: When the roof on the North Building of the Motorola plant in Seguin, Texas, required replacement, Motorola selected BondCote Roofing Systems and Cram Roofing of San Antonio for the job. The BondCote product offered a number of benefits including high solar reflectivity and emissivity, which helps to lower cooling loads, indoor air temperature and rooftop air temperatures. The North Building stayed several degrees cooler because of the BondCote roof installation and a better performing HVAC unit.

Barry Koehne, a Motorola employee, added, “In the summertime, some of the female employees are even wearing long sleeves to work. That’s a first.” The Energy Star®-labeled BondCote system has been cost effective from not only an energy standpoint, but also a production one. The employees in the North Building are more comfortable, resulting in increased productivity and efficiency. Claude Elliott of Cram Roofing said, “Cram Roofing has had great results with BondCote products in the past, and nothing has changed.”

Carlisle SynTec, Carlisle, Pa.

Single-ply systems offered: EPDM, TPO, FleeceBACK.

Roll sizes (length and width): EPDM: from 54 inches wide and up to 200 feet long. TPO: 4 feet, 6 feet, 8 feet, 10 feet and 12 feet by 100 feet.

Custom rolls: Yes.

Thicknesses available: EPDM: 45 mil, 60 mil, 75 mil. FleeceBACK: 100 mil, 110mil. TPO: 45 mil, 60 mil, 72mil, 80 mil.

Weight per square: Approximately 30 pounds for non-ballasted.

Attachment options: Ballasted, fully adhered, mechanically fastened.

Colors are available: EPDM: black, white. TPO: white, gray, tan.

Recommended insulation: HP polyiso, HP recovery board, EPDS, extruded polystyrene.

Acceptable decks: All.

FM/UL ratings: Numerous UL Class A and FM 1-60 up to 1-990.

Warranties offered: Five-,10-,15- and 20-year warranties.

Accessories available: Walkpads, prefabricated corners, expansion or control joints, etc.; pressure-sensitive flashings, pourable sealer pockets, metal edgings, walkway pads, fasteners, insulation, adhesives, coatings.

Recent project: The 39-year-old Carlisle single-ply roof system atop Classic Drycleaners was in need of a cosmetic update. While still functional, the owner was looking to both improve the roof’s aesthetics and sustain the roofing system. Carlisle’s Sure-Seal acrylic coating was recommended. The product is a water-based, high-solids elastomeric coating that provides a seamless, waterproof membrane over existing EPDM substrates, meets Energy Star performance guidelines and is available in gray, white or custom colors.

Carlisle’s EPDM Coatings Primer, a water-based wash primer, was used to increase the bond of the Sure-Seal elastomeric coating to the membrane. Then, pressure-washing removed environmental debris and a water-based flashing-grade coating was applied to the roof seams. After the substrate was cleaned and prepped, a base coat of acrylic coatings was sprayed onto the deck. After the base coat dried, a final white top coat was applied.

According to the owner, “Today, the bright white roof not only looks great, it’s also virtually maintenance-free. We are very pleased with the results.”

Custom Seal, Fremont, Ohio

Systems offered: PVC, TPO.

Roll sizes (length and width): PVC (custom fabricated) maximum 100-foot length and up to a total of 1,800 square feet and roll goods. TPO roll goods 6 feet, 8 feet, 10 feet and 12 feet wide.

Custom rolls: Yes.

Thicknesses available: PVC: 48 mil, 60 mil. TPO: 45 mil, 60 mil.

Attachment options: Standard.

Colors offered: PVC: White, gray, tan. TPO: white, gray.

Recommended insulation: Polyiso.

Acceptable decks: All.

FM and UL ratings: Yes.

Warranties offered: 10- and 15-year material and NDL.

Accessories available: All prefabricated accessories (walkpads, corners, expansion joints, control joints).

Duro-Last Roofing Inc., Saginaw, Mich.

Systems offered: PVC-based reinforced thermoplastic.

Roll sizes (length and width): Custom prefabricated sizes up to 2,500 square feet with any dimension up to 100 feet.

Custom rolls: All rolls are customized to a roofing contractor’s request to fit the exact dimensions of a building.

Thicknesses available: 40 mil, 50 mil.

Weight per square: The 40-mil product is 2.7 ounces per square foot.

Attachment options: Mechanically attached, fully adhered.

Colors offered: White, tan, gray.

Recommended insulation: Most insulation products, usually polyiso and polystyrene (with facer).

Acceptable decks: Most decks including steel, wood, concrete, metal buildings, cementitious roof deck, gypsum, lightweight concrete.

FM and UL ratings: Yes.

Warranties offered: 15- or 20-year labor and material warranty and a 15-year material residential warranty.

Accessories available: Insulation, fasteners, caulks, mastics, membrane, curbs, stacks, prefabricated corners, walkpads, edge details, all tools necessary to install the system.

FiberTite Roofing Systems by Seaman Corp., Wooster, Ohio

Systems offered: Thermoplastic EIP-coated membranes utilizing DuPont KEE as the principle polymer within the coating matrix.

Roll sizes (length and width): Standard size is 56 inches wide by 100 feet long.

Custom rolls: Yes, up to 20 feet wide by 100 feet long.

Thicknesses available: Standard membrane is nominal 36 mils. Company can provide a membrane with up to 80 mils upon request.

Weight per square: Depending on thickness, from 21 pounds to 56 pounds.

Attachment options: Mechanically attached, fully adhered.

Colors offered: The standard is “concord beige.” Gray, white, green and tan are also available. Custom colors can be provided by special request.

Recommended insulation: Polyiso, polystyrene foam.

Acceptable decks: Steel, concrete, wood, cement fiber and gypsum decks are acceptable. Lightweight steel, wood and others may be acceptable after evaluation.

FM and UL ratings: Systems are manufactured under 100-percent labeling and follow-up services by FM and UL. A host of approvals appear in their respective approval guides.

Warranties offered: Standard 10-year labor and material warranties to repair leaks, as well as extended systems warranties are available.

Accessories available: A broad assortment of accessories from ISO board, to walkpads to fasteners.

Recent Project: When Tyson Foods requires an effective solution to a complex roofing problem, it chooses a FiberTite® Roofing System by Seaman Corp. In fact, the company has almost 2 million square feet of FiberTite installed on its roofs. Tyson’s roofs must have the ability to withstand the effects of oil, grease, ponding water, fatty acids and multiple penetrations — and the foot traffic necessary to maintain the machinery associated with these penetrations.

FiberTite Roofing Systems by Seaman Corp. are engineered using DuPont® Dacron® polyester fibers and DuPont Elvaloy® KEE coating. These integrated properties keep the membranes flexible and durable enough to withstand even the most complicated situations. After more than 20 years on rooftops, FiberTite can point to a history of superior achievement on even the most complex roofs.

Firestone Building Products Co., Carmel, Ind.

Systems offered: EPDM, PVC, TPO.

Roll sizes (length and width): 10 to 50 feet wide and up to 200 feet long, incremental sizes from 50 feet. Half sheets are also available for perimeter work on PVC and TPO.

Custom rolls: No.

Thicknesses available: EPDM: 45 mil, 60 mil, 75 mil, 90 mil. PVC and TPO: 45mil, 60 mil and other gauges available by special order for like products.

Weight per square: Depending on the material, 28 to 50 pounds.

Attachment options: Fully adhered, ballasted, mechanically attached.

Colors offered: EPDM: black. TPO and PVC: gray, tan, white.

Recommended insulation: Polyiso.

Acceptable decks: Steel, wood, concrete, gypsum, cementitious wood fiber (Tectum) and most others.

FM and UL ratings: Depending on the exact deck type, assembly and attachment method, Firestone EPDM, PVC and TPO can provide the following uplift ratings: I-6, I-75, I-90, I-105, I-120, I-135, I-165, I-195, I-240, I-270, I-330, I-360, I-390, I-420, I-520, I-525, I-580, I-690 or I-780.

Warranties offered: Five-, 10-, 15- and 20-year system warranties; Firestone ISO 95+ insulation performance warranties; five-, 10-,15- and 20-year membrane warranties; 25- and 30-year membrane warranties when coated with Firestone AcryliTop PC-100 coatings, puncture resistant warranty for RubberGard MAX (reinforced EPDM).

Accessories available: Adhesives, fasteners, sealants and the Firestone QuickSeam Tape System.

Recent project: For the Toyota Midwest Parts Center, the car manufacturer’s largest distribution warehouse in North America, Holland Roofing of Cincinnati specified a Total Roofing System from Firestone Building Products featuring 60-mil, ballasted RubberGard EPDM and 1-inch and 2.4-inch Firestone ISO 95+ polyiso insulation for energy efficiency.

The 840,000-square-foot distribution center is located on an 86-acre site in the Airpark West Development in Hebron, Ky.

In addition to its flexibility and durability, the installation ease of EPDM played a key role in meeting the project’s deadline. The fast-paced schedule required the installation of a minimum of 20,000 square feet of roofing material per day. The roofing membrane’s large roll sizes allowed the contractor to exceed these requirements. Holland Roofing’s installation crew and roof deck crew installed approximately 25,000 to 30,000 square feet per day. Upon completion, the roof received a 20-year Firestone Red Shield warranty.

GAF Materials Corp., Wayne, N.J.

Systems offered: EPDM, PVC, TPO.

Roll sizes: TPO: 10 feet by 100 ft, 8 feet by 100 feet, 5 feet by 100 feet. PVC: 78 inches and 39 inches. EPDM: 7.5 to 40 feet wide by 50 or 100 feet long.

Custom rolls: Yes.

Thicknesses available: TPO: 45 mil, 60 mil, 80 mil. PVC: 40 mil, 45 mil, 50 mil, 60 mil, 80 mil. EPDM: 45 mil, 60 mil.

Weight per square: TPO 45 mil is 25 pounds. EPDM 45 mil reinforced is 32 pounds; unreinforced is 29 pounds. EPDM 60-mil reinforced is 42 pounds; unreinforced is 40 pounds.

Attachment options: Mechanically attached, fully adhered, ballasted.

Colors offered: PVC, TPO: Tan, white, gray. EPDM: black.

Recommended insulation: EPDM: polyiso, fiberboard, DensDeck. TPO and PVC: polyiso, fiberboard, DensDeck, EPS, XPS.

Acceptable decks: PVC, TPO: metal, structural concrete, lightweight concrete, wood, gypsum, Tectum. EPDM: metal, concrete, lightweight concrete, gypsum, Tectum, wood.

FM and UL ratings: Yes, for all.

Warranties offered: TPO and PVC: Up to 25 years on an amalgomated system, up to 20 on a membrane system. EPDM: up to 20 years on a membrane system.

Accessories available: EPDM: walkway pads, pipe boots, corners, seam tapes, bonding adhesives, splice adhesives, cover tapes, reinforced termination strips, fasteners and plates, term bars.

Recent project: When construction on the new Watson’s Pool and Spa showroom center in Kansas City, Mo., began, the roof became a critical step in the construction schedule. It was important to get the building “dried in” quickly in order to allow critical trades to proceed with their work and ultimately meet an aggressive construction/completion schedule. And, because the architect wanted a roof system that was lightweight, highly reflective, durable, and quick to install, GAF Materials Corp.’s EverGuard® TPO was chosen.

GenFlex, Maumee, Ohio

Systems offered: TPO, PVC.

Roll sizes (length and width): TPO: 6 feet, 8 feet, 10 feet and 12 feet wide. PVC: 6 feet and 12 feet wide.

Custom rolls: Yes, on TPO only.

Thicknesses available: TPO: 45 mil, 60 mil. PVC: 48 mil, 60 mil (special thicknesses are available up to 120 mil).

Weight: TPO: 45 mil is 0.23 pounds per square foot, 60 mil is 0.31 pounds per square foot. PVC: 45 mil is 0.30 pounds per square foot, 60 mil is 0.40 pounds per square foot.

Attachment options: Mechanically attached, fully adhered, ballasted (TPO).

Colors offered: TPO: white, charcoal, gray (some sizes). PVC: white, gray, tan (some sizes).

Recommended insulation: Polyiso, wood fiberboard, EPS, EPX, etc.

Acceptable decks: Steel, wood, concrete, lightweight concrete, Tectum, etc.

FM and UL ratings: All products carry UL Class A and FM 1-90 or better.

Warranties offered: NDL and material only. TPO: 10 to15 and 20 years. PVC: 10, 15 and 20 years.

Accessories available: Peel-and-stick TPO accessories including 5-foot TPO cover tape for flashing in metal edge, peel-and-stick pre-molded TPO boot for pipes.

Recent project: James Boland, owner of the 113-acre Kingbrook Commerce Park, selected a GenFlex white TPO roof for his new business park in Simpsonville, Ky. “The builder owner liked the idea that this system required no glued seams or tape. When you’re done roofing the building and welding the seams together, you basically have one sheet keeping you dry,” says Mark Dunn, commercial project manager with Carlon Roofing & Sheet Metal in Louisville. In Kentucky bluegrass country, rainfalls average 40-plus inches a year, so system performance along with ease of installation and labor savings were strong considerations in the system selection.

“GenFlex TPO membrane can be installed as economically as EPDM mechanically attached systems,” explains Dunn. “You can install white TPO membrane with cost savings as economical as black reinforced EPDM.”

“I liked the price, the quality and that fact that they recommended using white reflective material,” says Boland. “The reflective white adds some economy to our utilities which we pass along to the user leasing the space.”

Johns Manville, Denver

Systems offered: EPDM, PVC, TPO.

Roll sizes (length and width): Depends on specific product.

Custom rolls: Yes, with upcharge.

Thicknesses available: TPO: 45 mil, 60 mil, 80 mil. EPDM: 45 mil, 60 mil (reinforced and unreinforced). PVC: 50 mil, 60 mil, 80 mil.

Weight per square: PVC: 50 mil is 34 pounds, 60 mil is 38 pounds, 80 mil is 53 pounds. TPO: 45 mil is 27 pounds, 60 mil is 36 pounds. EPDM: 45 mil is 26 pounds, 60 mil is 35 pounds.

Attachment options: Fully adhered, ballasted, mechanically fastened.

Colors offered: White (PVC, TPO and EPDM) and black (EPDM). Other colors available by contacting sales representative.

Recommended insulation: Energy 2, Energy 3, ISO 1, ISO 3, Fesco Foam, Fesco Board, retrofit board.

Acceptable decks: Concrete (poured and pre-cast), gypsum, wood, lightweight insulating concrete, cementitous wood fiber, insulated structural steel panel decks.

FM and UL ratings: Yes.

Warranties offered: Five- to 20-year warranties available, material and full systems.

Accessories available: Walkpads, prefabricated corners, pipe boots, expansion joints, control joints, penetration pan, copings, fascia, one-way vents, drains, retrodrains, AquaVert air conditioning condensation drainage system.

Recent project: The Las Vegas Convention Center South Expansion consisted of a 594,800-square-foot addition, completed in November 2001. Johns Manville’s UltraGuard SR-60 PVC membrane was selected for this project because of its highly reflective quality, which reduces air conditioning loads and insulation requirements. The product was also selected for its ease of application, performance and durability. In addition, the system met Underwriters Laboratories and Factory Mutual ratings requirements. The project was successfully completed by Kodiak Roofing and Waterproofing, located in Loomis, Calif.

IB Roof Systems, Eugene, Ore.

Systems offered: PVC, CPA.

Roll sizes (length and width): Standard roll size is 6 feet wide by 90 feet long.

Custom rolls: Yes, must be purchased in pallet quantities.

Thicknesses available: 50 mil and 80 mil in stock, 60 mil when needed.

Weight per square: 50 mil is 33 pounds, 80 mil is 53 pounds.

Attachment options: Mechanically attached, fully adhered, wind ballast.

Colors offered: 50-mil PVC: white, tan, dark gray. 80-mil PVC: white. ChemGuard M 50 and 80 mil: light gray.

Recommended insulation: Polyiso, EPS foam.

Acceptable decks: All structural, sound, flat-roof substrates are acceptable.

FM and UL ratings: A wide range of ratings from I-120 for wind uplift to full listings for Class A and B for fire ratings.

Warranties offered: 15-year material warranties and 15-year NDL material and labor warranties on 50-mil system. The 80-mil systems carry a 25-year material and a 20-year labor, 25-year material warranty.

Accessories offered: A full range of coned pipe flashings and pre-fabricated vents, inside and outside corners. A custom-project team is available to pre-fabricate difficult or repetitive details on any project.

Recent project: Reroofing the Union Bank of California called for1-inch polyiso insulation with IB Roof Systems’ 80-mil single-ply. IB Roof Systems supported Ace Roofing Systems by having Brian Martineau from IB Technical Services present during the installation of the project. Ace was also able to utilize IB’s custom-project team in prefabricating special details for the 30 I-beams protruding through the roof. The bank chose Ace Roofing Systems because of the company’s ability to complete projects professionally and with superb workmanship. The bank made a choice of IB membrane over other roofing systems because of the warranty and IB’s zero failure.

Sarnafil Inc., Canton, Mass.

Systems offered: PVC, TPO.

Roll sizes (length and width): Roll widths are 10 feet and 6.5 feet. Roll lengths vary by membrane thickness, but range between 65 and 100 feet.

Custom rolls: Yes, 100-roll minimum.

Thicknesses available: 48 mil, 60 mil, 72 mil, 80 mil, 96 mil. Company will also produce membrane for a specific project certifying that the polymer thickness meets the specification.

Weight per square: The 48-mil membrane weighs approximately 0.33 pounds per square foot adhered with water-based and solvent-based adhesive.

Attachment options: Mechanically attached, adhered, ballasted, green roofs.

Colors offered: Energy Smart white, light gray, lead gray, azure blue, patina green and copper brown. Custom colors available.

Recommended insulation: Polyiso is the recommended insulation on most projects, but the company has roof systems to accommodate most insulations and recover boards.

Acceptable decks: All types, including steel, wood, concrete, gypsum and Tectum.

FM and UL Ratings: Yes.

Warranties offered: Membrane, material and labor, and system warranties are available. Warranties vary from five to 15 years in length.

Accessories: Complete range of roofing accessories available.

Recent project:

Billed as the most elaborate and expensive sporting venue in the country, the American Airlines Center in Dallas, presented some interesting challenges for the roofing applicator, King of Texas Roofing Co. With 200,000 square feet of barrel-shaped roofs joined at right angles to one another, King of Texas worked with the general contractor, Austin Commercial, for over a year to develop the specifications. Their challenges included varying slopes, worker safety and securing materials on the roof during installation, as well as creating and installing the 13-foot letters that make up the American Airlines logo.

A Sarnafil thermoplastic roof system was chosen for its long-term, proven performance as well as the ability to use custom colors for the roof and the logo. Sarnafil also provided the waterproofing system used on the flat areas where the barrel-shapes intersect. “Probably the most critical area of the entire job was tying the waterproofing system into the roofing system,” said Nelson Braddy, president, King of Texas Roofing.

A major consideration of the building developer was the need for a long-term solution. “The cost of putting this on and the logistics of getting up there were very challenging, so they didn’t want something that was going to have to be replaced in 10 years,” said Braddy. The architect for the project, Joe Laakman of HKS, specified single-ply because of its ability to conform to the varying slopes. Sarnafil fit the bill for all their needs.

StaFast Roofing Products Co., Reynoldsburg, Ohio

Systems offered: EPDM, TPO, TPA.

Roll sizes (length and width): EPDM: 5 feet by 50 feet, up to 50 feet by 100 feet. TPO: 45 mil is 39 or 78 inches by 100 feet; 60 mil is 39 or 78 inches by 100 feet. TPA: 45 mil is 39 or 78 inches by 108 feet; 60 mil is 39 or 78 inches by 90 feet.

Custom rolls: No.

Thicknesses: 45 mil, 60 mil.

Weight per square: EPDM: 45 mil is 31 pounds, 60 mil is 40 pounds. TPO: 45 mil is 25 pounds, 60 mil is 35 pounds. TPA: 45 mil is 28 pounds, 60 mil is 39 pounds.

Attachment options: Mechanically attached, fully adhered, plate bonded, ballasted.

Colors offered: EPDM is black; TPO and TPA are white.

Recommended insulation: Polyiso, HDWF, EPS, Dens-Deck.

Acceptable decks: All.

FM and UL ratings: Yes.

Warranties offered: Up to 20-year membrane and a variety of other warranty options up to 20-year NDL full system.

Accessories available: Bonding and seaming adhesives, primers, seam tapes, tape flashings, coverstrip, uncured flashings, sealants, fasteners and plates, termination

bars, reinforced perimeter strip, pipe boots and walkpads.

Stevens Roofing Systems, Holyoke, Mass.

Systems offered: TPO (Stevens EP), PVC/Elvaloy (Stevens EV), CSPE (Stevens Hypalon).

Roll size (length and width): TPO: 6 feet, 10 feet or 12 feet by 100 feet. PVC/Elvaloy: 6 feet by 100 feet. CSPE: 6 feet by 100 feet.

Custom rolls: Yes. Custom length rolls of up to 300-ft. in length are available for certain membranes and widths.

Thicknesses available: TPO: 45 mil, 60 mil, 80 mil, 100 mil (fleece), 115 mil (fleece). PVC/Elvaloy: 45 mil, 60 mil, 80 mil, 100 mil (fleece), 115 mil (fleece), 135 mil (fleece). CSPE: 45 mil, 60 mil.

Weight per square: TPO: 45 mil is 22 pounds, 60 mil is 31 pounds, 80 mil is 46 pounds, 100 mil is 25 pounds, 115 mil is 34 pounds. PVC/Elvaloy: 45 mil is 27 pounds, 60 mil is 37 pounds, 80 mil is 50 pounds, 100 mil is 30 pounds, 115 mil is 40 pounds, 115 mil is 53 pounds. CSPE: 45 mil is 34 pounds, 60 mil is 45 pounds.

Attachment options: All Stevens membrane systems can be installed using a variety of techniques including mechanical attachment and fully adhered. Some can also be ballasted (stone or paver) and installed as a vented roof system.

Colors offered: TPO: white, light slate gray, pewter, terra cotta, dark ivy green, desert brown, buckskin tan. PVC/Elvaloy: white, gray, tan. CSPE: white.

Recommended types of insulation: All common insulation types including polyiso, extruded polystyrene and expanded polystyrene.

Acceptable decks: Stevens membranes can generally be installed on all common roof decks including steel, wood, OSB, concrete, lightweight concrete, gypsum, etc.

FM/UL ratings: A host of UL and FM ratings for all membrane types. All membranes are available in systems that achieve FM classification ratings of up to FM 1-90, and many systems have higher ratings up to and including FM 1-990.

Warranties offered: The company offers a variety of five-, 10-, 15-, and 20-year warranties for all roofing membrane types. Most common warranty types are five- and 10-year material only warranties; five-, 10- and 15-year material and labor warranties; and five-, 10- and 15-year total system warranties.

Accessories available: Stevens insulation (i.e. Stevens Iso and/or Stevens EPS); Stevens Edge Metal Systems (i.e. Stevens Edge, Stevens Fascia, Stevens Cap, Stevens System 200); Stevens Walkway Roll; Stevens Fasteners/Plates; Stevens Pre-Molded Pipe Boots/Vent Gloves; Stevens Clad Metal; and a variety of Stevens sealant, caulk and adhesives.

Recent job: In 1999, retailer Crate&Barrel contracted with the architectural firm of Perkins & Will of Chicago to build a new corporate headquarters in Northbrook, Ill. The building, much like Crate&Barrel’s products, is contemporary in design. For this unique high profile building, a white 60-mil Stevens EP roofing system was selected for its aesthetics, Energy Star rating and proven performance history.

“The challenges on this project were many,” said Tom Elander, sales engineer in charge of the project for Roofs Inc., of Lyons, Ill. The contractor had to install the Stevens system over a unique acoustical metal deck using a small fastening area and without allowing the fasteners to show through on the bottom side. In good weather this would have been difficult, but in a Chicago winter it was even more difficult. “And the project was on a strict schedule,” said Elander.

The building was completed, and Crate&Barrel executives moved into their new home in early 2002 – right on schedule!