chem link CEOSCHOOLCRAFT, Mich. — Founder and long time Chem Link CEO, Phil Georgeau, has announced he is stepping back from the position to be able to focus more fully on his responsibilities as technical director, his primary interest and passion. John Thomas, of Portage, Michigan, began his new position in September as Chem Link’s Chief Executive Officer. Thomas most recently worked at Exopack, LLC, a flexible packaging company serving the needs of large consumer packaged goods customers, where he had extensive experience and success in management, manufacturing, finance, marketing and sales.

“We have every reason to believe that Chem Link will continue to thrive and grow. As Chem Link continues to evolve, we have an ever expanding field of technical opportunities that I want to work with more closely,” Georgeau said. “I’ve been searching for the right person for some time. I feel confident that John Thomas is fully capable of leading Chem Link to an even brighter future. John will continue to fulfill our mission and further develop our vision of providing high performance, environmentally friendly and totally safe products for construction and other industries.”

“I am honored to have the opportunity to lead this exciting company,” said John Thomas. “With a proven track record in product innovation and superior customer service, Chem Link management and employees have built an exceptional company that I look forward to leading.”

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