This month I am doing three things I try to avoid in this space: promoting our own products, writing about politics, and asking a favor. I have rationalized the first two because they do comply with our editorial mission of helping you succeed in your roofing business. The last item is my personal mission. I think some of you share it with me.


Come, Learn, Share, Grow

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Seating is limited, but it may not be too late to register for our Best of Success conference, set for Sept. 24-25 in Denver. This year’s conference promises to be one of the best yet, and it comes at a time of sweeping changes in the roofing industry. The industry is evolving on nearly every front with new ways of marketing, increasing governmental regulations, and new demands from owners for sustainability and energy conservation from their roofing systems.

The Best of Success conference brings together a variety of professionals sharing best practices and insights into these and other issues to help you and your business grow. The conference agenda is packed but allows for plenty of interaction with contractors just like you. You will gain knowledge that you can begin using the minute you return to your business. Turn to page 46 or vist for more information. Join us!


An Ally in Washington

While on my first trip to mainland China, a study tour back in 2004, I had the pleasure of meeting some interesting folks including Reid Ribble, who was then immediate past-president of the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA). I recall being impressed by Ribble’s knowledge of the industry as well as his commitment to it by way of his years of volunteering his leadership skills with NRCA. While I may not recall the specifics of roofing issues we may have discussed, I clearly recall meeting a gentleman who was, simply, “good people” — a hell of a nice guy.

Fast-forward to 2010. Following a 30-year stint as owner of a successful family roof-contracting business, Ribble ran for and was elected to the U.S. Congress. This freshman congressman from Wisconsin is now running for a second term and I believe he deserves the support of the entire roofing industry.

While I generally avoid writing and giving out my opinion of the people in politics, I gladly make the exception for this former roofing contractor who knows your business and has already proven to be an asset to the industry from his position in the Congress. Join me in the campaign to keep Ribble in Congress by making a contribution to his re-election campaign. To learn more about Ribble and where he stands on issues, see Chris King’s feature on Ribble in this issue on page 34. You will find a link to his website in our online version at


In Case You Are Interested

 Last but not least, between now and November I am raising funds to build some simple, decent shelter for some hardworking families in Haiti. If you are interested in helping out, drop me a line or give me a call. 



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