Boral Roofing in bodyIRVINE, Calif. — Boral Roofing LLC has just introduced the Class 4 Hail Rated Storm Series roofing solution, a weather and impact resistant roofing option designed for high performance in hail storms. Storm Series has been awarded the highest hail performance certification recognized in the industry. A sustainable roofing system, Storm Series provides energy efficiency benefits and insurance cost savings.

“Storm Series is designed for durability and performance,” said John Renowden, vice president of Technology. “Tile roofs may help you qualify for insurance reductions in hail regions.”

Boral Roofing’s Storm Series product line has undergone severe impact resistant testing in accordance with the FM 4473 standard. The roof is proven to withstand sequential 2-inch ice ball impacts at speeds up to 104 feet per second. Storm Series is certified through the Roof Covering Impact Certification Program, sponsored by Architectural Testing.

Class 4 tiles are available in the Rocky Mountain, Heartland and Texas regions of the United States where storms and hail are prevalent and known to cause structural damage to homes. Homeowners may obtain potential insurance cost savings with Storm Series by selecting a participating insurance company and by requesting that their roofing contractor verify that Boral Roofing’s Class 4 concrete tile was installed.

As a concrete tile roof, the Storm Series also provides energy efficiency benefits to homeowners. Concrete tile maintains the inner temperature of the home, reducing the need for heating and air conditioning. Energy cost savings up to 22 percent are achievable over the life of the roof.

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