WAYNE, N.J. - GAF Materials Corporation announced it has received the 2008 Hermes Creative Award from the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals in the category of Video – Marketing Products. The award was presented to GAF in the Gold category for its GardenScapes Roof System DVD, and recognizes the very best work in the marketing and communications industry. The video, “GardenScapes: Greening America - One Roof at A Time,” describes the advantages and features of the GAF garden roof system including longer roof life, energy savings, improved storm water management, tax incentives, and LEED credits. The show features an interview with Peter Philippi, a garden roof designer, with over 20 years experience designing garden roof systems in Europe. He explains how the benefits of a garden roof create a “win-win” situation for the community and the property owner. Through animated graphics produced by GAF’s in-house Creative Services Department, the viewer can see how the GardenScapes system reduces the complexity, cost, and potential pitfalls associated with the installation of a garden roof. The video is available for instant viewing atwww.gaf.com.