New Products

Rooftop Intake Vent

Air Vent introduces a new shingle-over, rooftop installed intake vent - The Edge™ Vent. The vent is designed for airflow performance and weather protection. It provides 9 square inches of net free area per linear foot. It features an internal filter, an integrated drip edge and built-in end plugs. It’s part of The Balanced System™ for optimum attic ventilation. The Edge Vent will be available March 1. For more information, call 800-AIR-VENT or

Ventilation Wedge for Skylights and Valleys

This good news alert from DCI Products is for architects, builders and homeowners: Ventilate during the framing stage - quickly, easily, properly and inexpensively (for pennies). No more drilling, struggling, guessing, notching or compromising rafters. The pre-engineered ValleyVent Wedge is a must for new homes. For more information about the ValleyVent Wedge,

SecurShield Polyiso Insulation

Carlisle SynTec adds SecurShield polyisocyanurate insulation to its growing line of energy-efficient roof products. SecurShield is a durable insulation product that can be applied directly to wood decks for either a Class A or Class B fire rating, without the need for a fire-rated slip-sheet or gypsum cover board. Featuring a rigid, closed-cell polyisocyanurate foam core laminated to polymer-coated glass facers, SecurShield provides premium fire resistance, moisture resistance, and wind-uplift performance. The facers exceed the performance of the conventional fiber-reinforced paper facers used in traditional insulation. For more information,

New High-Pressure Spray Tip

The new Graco® XHD™ RAC™ SwitchTip allows contractors to change tip sizes in seconds without removing the tip guard and housing from the spray gun. No screwdriver is required, increasing a contractor’s spray time and improving productivity. The XHD RAC SwitchTip, designed for heavy-duty painting jobs with pressures up to 7,250 psi (500 bar/50.0 MPa), is ideal for spraying high-performance coatings in applications such as bridges, tanks, railcars, and structural steel. For more information on the XHD RAC Tip, call 877-844-7226 or

OMG Insulation Adhesive

OMG Inc. has unveiled a new environmentally friendly insulation adhesive available to roofing professionals: OlyBond500™ Green. OlyBond500 Green provides the same high performance and is offered in the same user-friendly packaging as OlyBond500 and OlyBond500 SpotShot, but uses rapidly renewable resources to replace petroleum based ingredients in its composition. OlyBond500 Green does not contain any volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and is odorless. By minimizing the use of fossil fuels and utilizing plant-based resources, it can contribute on LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) c ertified projects. OlyBond 500 Green is applied using the specially designed PaceCart 2 Dispenser, while SpotShot is dispensed through a portable 1:1 applicator. OlyBond500 Green is Factory Mutual approved. For more information, including technical data,

CoolStar Roofing Products

CertainTeed Corp. introduces an energy-wise CoolStar™ reflectant surface for low-slope roofing that helps control energy consumption. The CoolStar technology was initially unveiled last fall on CertainTeed’s Flintglas® Cap Sheet, but now CertainTeed has an expanded line of 14 low-slope roofing granulated cap sheet membranes featuring CoolStar-coated surfaces. The CoolStar family of products, featuring factory pre-coated roof surfaces, meets Energy Star® and initial California Title 24 requirements and has received ratings for solar reflectance and thermal emittance from the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC). A CoolStar roof contributes to a cooler indoor environment and can reduce peak cooling demand up to 15 percent. The brilliant white CoolStar coating is factory applied for hassle-free, one-step field applications. For more information,