New Products


A simple fastening solution for all building trades, the new Hilti X-U Universal Fastener delivers peak perform-ance in both standard or high strength concrete and steel base materials. It is suitable for countless demanding applications, including fastening wood; wall ties and installing suspended components to concrete or steel. With a fully knurled nail tip spanning 22 millimeters (3/4 inch) on all fastening lengths, the X-U achieves a reliable hold at reduced penetration depths. The twist design of the knurling results in a “screw” effect when using the nail, which helps ensure a secure hold and high loading capacity on steel. For more information, call 800-879-8000 or

Non-Contact Thermometers

OMEGA’s OSXL450 is the newest in its line of economical, non-contact thermometers that is simple to operate and fast-it reads temperatures in less than a second. It features OMEGA’s patented laser sighting system which defines the target for point and shoot measurement of temperatures from minus 20 to 320 degrees. Convenient to use, with backlit display for night use and auto power-off, these IR thermometers come with handy wrist strap and batteries. For more information, call 203-359-7815 or

Work Boot

Timberland PRO introduces the new Thermal Force work boot -– an innovative heat retention system de-signed specifically for those who work in cold environments. The boot offers superior performance without added bulk, providing workers with critical protection in extreme conditions without sacrificing comfort. The Thermal Force heat-retention system offers a traditional work silhouette combined with innovative technologies designed to insulate critical areas. This technology protects specific areas of the foot, optimiz-ing heat retention without affecting flexibility or interfering with performance. For more information,


North Safety Products offers a reusable earplug made with an antimicrobial agent to protect from both noise hazards and potentially degrading microorganisms. The antimicrobial agent will not wear out or wash off. The corded, triple-flange Com-FitAB™ by North comes with handy inserter device, available in three color coded sizes and corded or uncorded versions; NRR 27 dB. For more information, contact North Safety Products at 888-422-3798.

Protective Goggles

Gateway Safety Inc. announces the addition of Wheelz™ protective goggles to its line of protective eyewear. Part safety glasses and part safety goggle, Wheelz eyewear offers the style and comfort of popular spectacles, while pro-viding the maximum protection against dirt and debris that traditional safety goggles offer. Unlike traditional gog-gles, which can be big and bulky, Wheelz goggles have a compact and lightweight frame made of a soft, flexible material that provides long-lasting comfort for all-day wear. Also, the patent-pending Whirlwind™ ventilation sys-tem minimizes fogging by circulating air through the optical chamber. An elastic head strap easily adjusts to ensure a safe, snug fit. For more information, call 800-822-5347 or

Compact Drill

Expanding its award-winning line of lithium-ion powered cordless tools and accessories, Milwaukee Electric Tool introduces a new 18-volt Compact Drill/Driver that is lightweight and powerful enough to handle a variety of appli-cations including electrical work, light assembly, installation and finish carpentry. With a 1.4 Ah, 18-volt lithium-ion battery, the 2601-22 delivers the speed (0-1,400 RPM) and power (400-inches/pounds) of torque) needed for drilling holes and driving screws faster. Milwaukee’s patented power management system and exclusive lithium-ion manga-nese battery chemistry provide fade-free power until the end of charge. At only 4.0 pounds, this tool provides a com-pact, lightweight solution without sacrificing features or durability. For more information, call 800-SAWDUST or

Roofing Tiles

EcoStarTM introduces its newest premium roof product - Seneca Plus tiles. Complementing EcoStar’s Seneca Ce-dar Shake Tiles™, Seneca Plus tiles are thicker and replicate the look of thick, hand-split cedar shake. Seneca Plus tiles are manufactured at varying widths of 6, 9 and 12 inches, and feature a thick cut that creates the natural appear-ance of traditional cedar shake. Like all of EcoStar’s premium steep-slope roofing tiles, Seneca Plus tiles are avail-able in nine different colors that offer unique architectural opportunities for any roofing project. All EcoStar tiles of-fer exceptional longevity and durability. For more information, call 800-211-7170 or


Polyglass USA introduces an underlayment that can be exposed to the elements for up to 36 months: Polystick TU P underlayment. This APP rubberized asphalt waterproofing membrane with a glass fiber-reinforced polyester mat can be exposed to the elements for long periods of time, making it convenient for contractors who cannot install roofing tiles immediately after the underlayment application. Part of Polyglass’ Polystick family of underlay-ments, Polystick TU P, is ideal for use where roofing tiles are installed via adhesive set applications, but it can also be installed in mortar set or mechanically fastened systems. For more information, call 800-222-9782 or

Tungsten Grinder

Weldcraft offers its new Triad (TTG Plus) tungsten grinder to provide welding operators with the accuracy and versatility needed to prepare tungsten for both orbital and hand-held TIG applications. Featuring precision-drilled entries, Triad accommodates six different tungsten electrode diameters - 0.040, 1/16, 5/64, 3/32, 1/8 and 5/32 inches - and offers four different grinding angles (15 degrees, 18 degrees, 22.5 degrees and 30 de-grees) to ensure reliable arc starting and good weld penetration. Triad’s robust industrial-grade motor also pro-vides consistent cutting and facing to eliminate the need and cost for additional tungsten preparation tools. For more information, call 800-752-7620 or

Bird Repeller

Bird-B-Gone Inc. introduces the Repeller, a solar powered unit that uses continuous motion to prevent large birds from landing. Rotating rods mounted on top of the unit sweep birds off of streetlights, balconies, boats, A/C units and more. The two adjustable arms cover up to 5-feet in diameter by turning continuously at 30 RPM. A solar panel powers a heavy duty, brushless motor that will store energy. The Bird Repeller is a humane way to effectively deter large bird species including pigeons and seagulls. Ideal in high-visibility areas, it can be mounted on flat or angled surfaces. For information, call 800-392-6915 or

Palm-Dipped Gloves

The new line of Tuff-Coat gloves is available from Perfect Fit Glove, a Bacou-Dalloz company. This line of palm-dipped gloves includes a new ‘hybrid’ style, which provides the best features of both existing palm-dipped gloves worlds. A lightweight stretchy nylon liner which provides unbelievable flexibility and dexterity combined with a durable latex coating for resistance to cuts, punctures and abrasion is one of the first of its kind for use in light-duty applications. For more information, call the Bacou-Dalloz Customer Care Call Center at 800-430-5490.

Ladder Safety Device

LadderPort announces a new ladder - manufactured by LadderTech - to increase safety, reduce liability and help protect workers. LadderPort is the permanent building mounted ladder receiver that increases exten-sion ladder safety while reducing the risk of injury or death. The receiver mounts to almost any commercial or industrial building and can hold an extension ladder safely in place. The hooks secure the rungs of the lad-der, preventing it from slipping backward, while the plates keep the ladder from sliding sideways. Upon reaching the roof, the user can grip the Grab Bars and walk directly through the bars. For information, call 800-770-8851 or