WALTHAM, Mass.- SPRI, the association representing sheet membrane and component suppliers to the commercial roofing industry, announced that it is developing a proposed standard for the design of gutters used with low-slope roofing. Upon completion, the proposed standard will be canvassed for approval as a national standard.

In accordance with its role as an accredited canvasser with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), SPRI will distribute copies of the proposed standard for review by recognized roofing experts.

This design standard, entitled “Structural Design Standard for Gutters Used with Low-Slope Roofing,” specifies structural design for gutters used for low-slope roofing applications. It will provide designers, contractors and code officials with the information they need to properly design structural gutters used with low-slope roofing systems.

Any interested party may participate in the canvass process by e-mailing SPRI’s headquarters at info@spri.org or by calling 781-647-7026.