Manufacturers offer a wide array of metal shingles, shakes and tile.

Atas International Inc.

Name of shingle:ADVANTA® Shingle

Profile: Three-dimensional shingle

Number of colors available: 15

Shingle warranty in years: 50

Wind warranty: Not specific for time period, but covers winds up to 120mph.

Special nailing requirements for wind warranty? No

Hail resistance warranty: Meets Impact Resistance UL2218 Class 4 ratings.

Paint warranty: 20 years.

Non-prorated period: Non-prorated for first 30 years and prorated for the last 20 years.

Transferable? Yes

Fee to transfer? No

ADVANTA offers the traditional aesthetics of asphalt shingles, yet has all the benefits associated with metal. The shingle is ideal for re-roofing and new construction because it is lightweight, weighing less than a pound per square foot. It is durable, weather-resistant, non-combustible and environmentally friendly. These benefits combined with long-life, low-maintenance features prove it to be an innovative, practical and economical alternative to problem-plagued roofing.

ADVANTA Shingle is manufactured from 16-ounce natural copper and 29-gauge G90 galvanized steel available in nine standard colors and six designer colors, with a quality KYNAR 500® or HYLAR 5000® finish. The panel measures 1 foot by 3 feet, and it covers twice the area of a traditional shingle. Only 34 panels are required to cover 100 square feet of roof area or 1 square. For more information, visit


Name of shingle:Centura® Plus Steel Shingles

Profile: shingle

Number of colors: Seven-Charcoal, Natural Slate, Sable Brown, Sandstone, Timberline, High Sky Blue and Terra Cotta

Shingle warranty: 50-year transferable warranty

Wind warranty: Miami-Dade County Product Control Approved

Special nailing requirement for warranty? Yes, four fasteners per full shingle. (See installation brochure)

Hail resistance: UL 2218 Impact Resistance rating of Class 4

Paint warranty: Thirty-five years from date of installation, the PVF film will not crack, chip, peel or delaminate to an extent that it is apparent on ordinary outdoor visual observation. In addition, the PVF film will not change color more than five CIE-94 units, as determined by ASTM D-2244. The PVF film will not chalk more than a number eight rating, when measured per ASTM D-4214, Method A.

Non-prorated period: Applicable only to the 50-year warranty on the Galvalume "substrate steel." If the failure occurs after the 35th year following the date of installation, the manufacturer will be responsible for only a prorata share of the cost of materials and labor reasonably necessary to refinish, repair or replace. The prorata share shall be equal to a fraction, the numerator of which is the number of months that remain in the warranty period and the denominator of which is 600.

Transferable? The warranty also applies to any subsequent owner of the building on which the products are installed. The new owner must complete and mail the application for warranty transfer within 30 days from the date of the real estate title transfer.

Fee to transfer? No

Centura® Plus Steel shingles are coated with DuPont Tedlar® PVF coating which provides unique weathering properties that protect the finish from fading and cracking, even in harsh environments, where the extremes of water, salt, wind, sun and snow can often damage and age ordinary asphalt shingles. Centura Plus shingles also carry a class B fire rating. For more information, visit

Custom-Bilt Metals

Name of shingle:Vail Titan Select

Profile: Shingle

Number of colors available: 12

Shingle warranty: 50 years defect

Wind warranty: 110 mph

Special nailing requirements for wind warranty? No

Hail resistance warranty: Class 4 Impact Resistance

Paint warranty: Lifetime fading, cracking, peeling; 35 year no fade

Non-prorated period in years? No

Transferable? Yes

Fee to transfer? No

Custom-Bilt Metals®, Chino, Calif., offers Vail products under two names: the company's custom, solid copper panels will be marketed as Vail Majestic Copper and its Kynar-coated Galvalume metal panels will be sold under the brand Vail Titan Select. Both products are based on the innovative high performance design that Vail initially introduced in the resort markets of Vail, Beaver Creek and Aspen, Colo. The design features a concealed-fastener, interlocking shingle panel system that is easy to install, maintenance-free and extremely resistant to all forms of severe treatment. The interlocking panel design has been tested for resistance to wind-driven rain at 110 mph, at a rate of nearly nine inches of rain per hour. It also has been tested for wind resistance at constant wind speeds of 130 mph, with gusts to 150 mph. With its Class A fire resistance rating, the product also meets all major building codes including the Miami-Dade County and ICBO codes. For more information, visit

Decra Roofing Systems

Name of shingle:DECRA Roofing Systems

Profile: Stone-coated steel shingle

Number of colors available: five

Shingle warranty: 50-year limited warranty

Wind warranty: 50-year 120 mph wind speed warranty

Special nailing requirements for wind warranty? Per local code

Hail resistance warranty: 50-year hail stone penetration warranty

Paint warranty: N/A

Non-prorated period in years: First 20 years

Transferable? Yes, during the first 10 years after the product's initial installation

Fee to transfer? No

DECRA Shingle offers a classic look that features a traditional distinctive style, reinforced with the strength and longevity of steel. Available in a variety of natural earth tone colors, these colors incorporate a subtle natural shadow, which enhances the richness and detail of the roof. DECRA Shingle provides a high-performance, long-lasting, lightweight alternative to traditional shingles. For more information, visit


Name of shingle:Stamped Diamond-Pattern Metal Shingle

Profile: Shingle

Number of colors available: In addition to the natural look of TCS II and custom colors, Follansbee offers 20 standard KlassicKolors and 12 standard Rapidri colors for Terne II.

Shingle warranty in years: KlassicKolors, 30 years; Terne II, 35 years

Wind warranty: N/A

Special nailing requirements for wind warranty? N/A

Hail resistance warranty: N/A

Paint warranty: 30 years

Non-prorated period in years? KlassicKolors, 30 years; Terne II, 35 years

Transferable? No

Fee to transfer? No

Follansbee, Follansbee, W. Va., offers the Stamped Diamond-Pattern Metal Shingle for residential and commercial roofing projects. Corrosion resistant and durable, the shingle can be installed over existing asphalt shingles. Conklin Metal Industries is providing the technology for the shingle, which is manufactured from Follansbee's TCS II®, Terne II® and KlassicKolors®. Conklin's design includes a specially developed side lock, which permits the shingles to be installed quickly and easily without soldering. The side lock system allows for thermal contraction and expansion and is watertight. Deep cross crimps prevent water from being blown under the end laps.

For more information, visit



Profile: Simulated tile

Number of colors available: Ten standard colors; custom colors available on request for large orders

Warranty information: Limited warranty on manufacturing defects for 20 years. There is also a 20-year warranty against chipping, splitting, flaking, cracking or peeling of the paint finish under normal conditions.

Met-Tile's "tile panel" system combines the popular look of Spanish tile with the high performance of metal panel roofing. Tile-look 26-gauge steel panels offer a wind rating of 230+ mph (based on UL wind uplift testing), Class 4 impact (hail) resistance, and excellent resistance to fires, earthquakes and pest infestation. Panels are 36 inches wide, 2 to 20 feet long, and weigh just 125 pounds per square for use on any type of new or existing project. The system is designed for easy-to-trim, user-friendly installation with no truss reinforcement or batten grid required. The system is also available in aluminum (limited colors). For more information, visit


Name of shingle:METALWORKS Steel Shingles by TAMKO

Profile: Steel shingles for residential and commercial applications

Number of colors available: Eight

Shingle warranty in years: 50-year limited warranty

Wind warranty: 50-year limited warranty for winds up to 110 mph

Special nailing requirements for wind warranty? No

Hail resistance warranty: None

Paint warranty: 30-year limited warranty, covers cracks, checks or peels

Non-prorated: 10-year full start period

Transferable? Yes, one time during first two years of term

Fee to transfer? No

TAMKO, Joplin, Mo., offers METALWORKS Steel Shingles both for residential and commercial applications. The METALWORKS product line includes a variety of metal shingle styles including ASTONWOOD™, a traditional look of real wood; STONECREST™ SLATE, the random finish of natural slate; and STONECREST™ TILE, for the distinctive look of smooth, uniform tile. They are available in multiple colors-all featuring a unique four-way locking system for easy installation and enhanced performance. For more information visit or