Nothing is as valuable to a construction company than the ability to communicate instantly with its mobile employees, suppliers, contractors and even customers. Today, most in the construction industry turn to a wireless phone to accomplish this.

Wireless technology has dramatically improved the overall productivity and efficiency of mobile workers on the job site, and the cost of implementing these technologies has become more affordable. Many more construction companies are taking notice and the only thing stopping them from maximizing the use of the wireless technology available is the lack of understanding of how it works or how the industry will benefit from it.

The more time a contractor and his company’s subs and vendors stay on the slab, instead of running back to the trailer or office to get the job done, the better. Orders need to be delivered on time and to the right location, hours billed quickly and correctly, materials routed efficiently through location-based dispatching and instant and seamless communication between job sites, home office, vendors and subcontractors. Wireless technology can meet these challenging demands.

The construction industry knows Nextel best for its Direct Connect™ — the walkie-talkie feature that provides “instant communication” with the touch of a button. Now with a coast-to-coast range, Nationwide Direct Connect™ service means that construction companies will have instant, long-range communication with their personnel, suppliers and others anywhere in the country.

In addition to the two-way radio feature, there are a vast number of wireless business productivity tools that run on the Nextel network. These applications offer mobile workers the ability to access critical and time-sensitive data remotely — and often in real-time — through a handheld device.

As a result of Java™ technology-enabled handsets, users can download software programs and wireless data applications such as AirHours, ConstructWorks, Corrigo, FieldCentrix and MH2Technologies. These applications enable the mobile workforce to receive wireless information directly on the job site. As a result, field personnel can perform a myriad of tasks, including eliminating redundant and manual time sheet entries, completing and sending work orders, receiving work assignments, ordering parts, downloading permit requirements and contacts in 3,000 cities across the country, assessing crew performance, dispatching and routing support, utilizing global positioning system (GPS) services and so much more.

To recap, wireless solutions can significantly enhance your customer service, worker communication, productivity, efficiency and quality of work life by enabling you to:

Communicate with vendors, subcontractors and employees quickly

Communicate instantly with clients who also subscribe to Nextel voice services using Nationwide Direct Connect

Maintain email and voice mail while on the go, making office time more worthwhile

Implement more sophisticated applications, such as wireless time entry, or a number of customized Java applications that significantly improve current business processes.

Now wireless technology that meets business needs and enhances functionality mean that a handset on an employee’s tool belt is a powerful all-in-one device for both voice and data communications. Wireless solutions are a “best-choice” investment for construction companies in which the rewards are simply endless and continually evolving.