Elk offers a line of premium accessories.

Elk Corp., Dallas offers a line of premium accessories. Pre-tapered Seal-A-Ridge® hip-and-ridge shingles feature WindGuard® sealant, which activates with the sun's heat and bonds into a wind- and weather-resistant cover that is resistant to blow-offs and leaks. Elk's Formula FLX™ ingredient makes the product workable in both hot and cold weather conditions. RidgeCrest™ high-profile hip-and-ridge shingles are also made with Formula FLX and are designed for trimming roofs with dimensional shingles. The folding, multi-layered design of Z® ridge premium hip-and-ridge shingles add elements of texture and shadow in order to define the roofline. Elk Starter Strip shingles complement Elk premium roofing products and are scored to reduce labor.