In order to create a more integrated work environment at its Science and Technology Center in Granville, Ohio, Owens Corning recently completed a site integration project. The site was formally re-dedicated Thursday, Aug. 1, by CEO Dave

Brown and Science and Technology Vice President Frank O’Brien-Bernini.

“Innovation is key to providing our customers with the products, solutions and services that will make them more successful,” said Brown. “This facility, and the people who work here, are a critical part of that mission.”

The integration project kicked off more than a year ago. It moved most of the site’s 375 employees and their lab/work areas into one complex on the west side of the facility. This created collaborative, dynamic teams, sharing work environments and resources. The project also included the addition of a new cafeteria, providing employees with a space to meet and share thoughts, ideas and opportunities with one another.

“This project has purposefully created an environment for increased speed of innovation by integrating offices, labs and prototyping facilities, across all of Owens Corning’s business units and corporate R&D functions,” said O’Brien-Bernini. “Forcing unscheduled collisions of knowledge and needs, while leveraging our technical resources and our external collaborative connections, and deeply engaging the entire Owens Corning Science & Technology organization, will result in more powerful solutions, more quickly, in closer proximity and collaboration, for Owens Corning and our customers.”