GAF Materials Corp. and Elk Corp. officially announced the companies had completed their merger.

Bob Tafaro provides an update on the merger of GAF and Elk at an IRE press conference.

WAYNE, N.J. - On Feb. 23, GAF Materials Corp. and Elk Corp. officially announced the companies had completed their merger. “Employees from both organizations have proven their commitment to customer-focused relationships, which helps distinguish us as the professional contractor’s preferred choice,” commented Bob Tafaro, the president and CEO of Building Materials Corporation of America, GAF’s parent company. “This employee passion, combined with unified world-class manufacturing, supply chain and marketing capabilities, will improve service for all our customers.”

At a press conference held during the International Roofing Expo in the Las Vegas Convention Center March 6, Tafaro was joined by other GAF-ELK representatives to outline some details of the merger. According to a joint statement, customers will experience business as usual through the end of 2007, with both brands remaining separate until the end of the year. Each brand will continue to support commitments to distributors and contractors with essentially the same products, services and programs. The products will come from the same manufacturing facilities and same sales team relationships they currently use. The companies also emphasized there will be no change in their warranty coverage or commitments. “Success in this business is all about superior service. And in 2008, GAF and Elk will implement best practice improvements that will allow us to provide by far the best service in the industry,” said Tafaro. “The company will unify the sales team, for better service. The company will unify the product line, for better service. The company will unify the certified contractor initiatives service.” He noted that the company would release more details on the consolidation at midyear, and those changes would be implemented in 2008.

“We now have the largest manufacturing network in the industry with 35 factories, which allows for improved service levels and exceptional responsiveness to customer needs, especially those caused by major storms,” explained Dick Nowak, chief operating officer, Steep Slope Operations, GAF-ELK. “This unified organization will share best practices to improve support for our customers, and the shared resources will make our company the most innovative, effective and efficient marketer and manufacturer of roofing systems in North America.”