We usually witness the usage of cool-looking flying machines, AKA drones, in professional videography or security drills, but did you know that the conventional way of conduction a roof inspection is also quickly getting replaced by these unmanned aerial vehicles?

Roof inspection of big and composite structures can be tough, expensive, and dangerous. In fact, the job of a roofer is considered to be one of the most dangerous jobs in the world according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). However, drone roof inspection unfolds an opportunity to make the process easier, safer, affordable, and more efficient.

If you are completely unaware of how aerial drone roof inspection can upgrade the way you work, then here are five reasons to compel you to do so:

1. Ensures Safety

Building structures these days comprise of complex designs, tremendous heights, defects, as well as hard-to-access areas. Climbing the roofs of these structures may not always be the best idea as they possess the risk of collapsing roofs, and injuring staff and occupants of the building.

Using drone roof inspection software from a safe height and distance ensures the safety of the structure, the roofers, as well as the residents of the building. This automatically reduces the insurance costs for a roof inspection company.

2. Gets In-depth Data

Drones are built with high-quality cameras that can capture every nook and corner of the roof. Thus, the staff can easily access and analyze data which is usually quite accurate and cheaper than sending men up there. Drones can bring you precise data regarding roof length, area, and pitch. Drones can also extract the exact measurements of ridges, valleys, rakes, drip edges, etc. You can get all of this in an easy-to-access PDF file or DXF file to add to your CAD drawings.

Also, if you want to see a spot on the roof from a certain fixed height and angle periodically, using drones can do it more precisely and easily than a team of humans.

3. Gives Faster Results

Once you have planned a roof inspection, a drone can execute it faster, thus saving you the time that you would usually take to complete one roof inspection. Since there is no climbing and climbing equipment involved, a drone can immediately start inspecting a roof, thus reducing the overall inspection time. The examination too can be done at an undeniably higher speed.

4. Saves Money

Using drones to inspect roofs can significantly reduce the costs of acquiring and transporting scaffolds, ladders, lifts, and other climbing gear. It also cuts down on labor costs. All you need is an experienced drone operator and you will be all set.

Due to a drone’s ability to inspect a roof quickly, a greater number of inspections can be completed in a day thus saving you a lot of money.

5. Environment-friendly Alternative

The overall harm that the conventional roof inspection method causes to the environment can be reduced significantly by switching to drone roof inspection. For example, helicopters are used to inspect power lines, which cause extra usage of fuel, high emission levels, and noise pollution. Drones can eliminate this and make the roof inspection process better for the environment.

6. Less Inconvenience to the Customer

When you perform roof inspection using drones, your customers can carry out their daily business without much interruption because there won’t be a dozen men outside (or on top of) their building. This will make your client have a better feeling about the whole process and thus, they will hold you and your company in the highest regard.

So, there you have it. Drone roof inspection has amazing benefits over the conventional method and is therefore being utilized by roofing companies all over the world. From making the workplace safer to reducing the job time and costs, drones present a promising future of the roof inspection service industry.