By Lauren White

In the roofing industry, many companies are demonstrating their excellence and expertise. So why not recognize individuals for their achievements? Nowadays, “we come to know popular and successful actors, actresses, musicians and the like through these award-winning nominations and achievements,” according to Comminiqué PR. This is also true with businesses. People consult Yelp, friends, or other sites to find the “Best Of,” or those most highly rated and awarded, for any service we seek. 

The Roofing Alliance recognizes workmanship, innovation, and safety with its Gold Circle and MVP Awards program. These elite awards recognize Roofing Alliance and National Roofing Contractors Alliance (NRCA) members for their contributions to the roofing industry.

Winning awards helps to validate your business and the quality of your work in the eyes of your customers. It shows them your work is recognized nationally. Acknowledgement of your accomplishments also helps with sales and marketing. Award winners receive press in trade magazines and on trade websites, in addition to the association’s website, which helps your public relations program and benefits your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Furthermore, it builds culture because crews are proud of their work. By showing off your accomplishments to the world, it makes your employees proud and they feel respected. 

Below are six reasons to consider adding award applications to your marketing plan and company culture:

  1. Visibility and Validation. Awards can help attract new customers, investors, or donors. They also give a company an advantage over other competitors. Recognizing a company’s products or services through an award adds credibility to a company or organization.
  2. Public Relations. Winning awards is great for press releases, blogs, and coverage. Sharing your progress throughout the awards process on social media creates excitement and can increase likes and fans for your company.
  3. Culture and Loyalty. People want to work with winners and will work hard to help showcase their work and projects. Establishing this culture will demonstrate that you’re proud of your company, employees, and the work they produce. This will bring about customer loyalty because they trust you and want to share in your pride that you’re an award-winning company. 
  4. Reputation. Awards can help bring you to the attention of manufacturers and distributors, in addition to improving the reputation of your company to the public. Being a part of different awards programs allows you to meet new people and gain relationships that could help improve programs and pricing.
  5. Sales. Customers enjoy seeing what you can do and provide for them. It’s important they understand the level of quality and safety you bring to each and every job. Not only is it outstanding when your employees win awards, but it’s also great for the company’s reputation and culture.
  6. Differentiation. Awards set a company apart from others. They also help to differentiate quality of achievements and services from competitors. 

Two awards in the roofing industry you can apply for include:

1. The Gold Circle Awards Program: Unique roofing-related jobs, either commercial or residential, programs, and services are eligible to receive this award. Roofing Alliance and NRCA members are nominated by their peers and community for significant contributions to the roofing industry in two categories: 1) Outstanding Workmanship and Innovative Solutions, and 2) Safety Preparedness and Performance. 

Award recipients will receive more than a Gold Circle Awards trophy. Winners earn formal recognition during NRCA’s Industry Awards Ceremony and Cocktail Reception during NRCA’s 133rd Annual Convention and 2020 International Roofing Expo©. Additionally, you’ll receive magazine, trade press, and local media coverage concerning what your company is doing in the industry. Lastly, you receive the honor of serving as inspiration to fellow Roofing Alliance and NRCA members striving for excellence. 

The 2019 Gold Circle Awards Program recognizes projects completed between June 1, 2017, and May 31, 2019. Nominations are due by Oct. 18, 2019.

2. The Roofing Alliance’s Most Valuable Player (MVP) Award: This award celebrates workers who are distinguished employees within their companies, in addition to recognizing them for their outstanding performance outside the workplace, whether that’s through charitable deeds, community involvement, challenges overcome, or dedication and commitment to helping others. MVPs are role models who demonstrate work-related and personal goals to which others aspire. Employees can be nominated for outstanding contributions through on-the-job performance and workmanship or for outstanding performance and other noteworthy contributions outside the workplace.

The deadline for applications is Nov. 15, 2019. 

Share the success of your company and the talent your employees possess. This recognition and publicity gets your company name out there even more and shows your peers and other workers what you’re doing and how you’re being innovative, safe, creative, and dedicated to others. When people consult Yelp or their friends, they’ll know of your achievements and the important and meaningful work you do. Good luck applying for awards.

The Roofing Alliance is the nonprofit foundation of the NRCA. The foundation’s objectives are to conduct research and educational projects that support roofing contractors, help fund efforts dedicated to good works and charitable giving, and award scholarships to the students of NRCA members and employees. Learn more at