Of all the learning opportunities available in the roofing industry, one of my personal favorites is Roofing Contractor’s own Best of Success conference, which we’ll host at the Wigwam Resort in Phoenix Sept. 21-22. Best of Success brings together some of the most talented and successful players in the roofing industry to share their knowledge on a variety of topics. This year, there will be seminars on sales, management, marketing, succession planning, labor (including working with Latinos), risk management and much more.

Best of Success provides an intimate setting that allows roofing contractors to share their personal experiences — both in the seminar setting, and in one-to-one interactions with the presenters, sponsors and fellow attendees. We manage to have a little fun, too.

 I’m making plans to attend and may take an extra day or two with my lovely bride at the awesome Wigwam Resort. I hope you will choose to join me and the Roofing Contractor team in Phoenix. To learn more, visit www.BestofSucccessConference.com