“It’s not braggin’ if you can back it up.” Another bit of wisdom courtesy of my Southern upbringing. Get ready, because I am going to brag.

The 8th Best of Success Conference held recently in picturesque Broomfield, Colorado, provided a fantastic learning experience for a record number of attendees. You can read more about it when we report on it in our December issue, but I must say it was great.

Here is the braggin’ part. Our publisher, Jill Bloom, has perfected her style when it comes to choosing topics and presenters. She will tell you that she gets a lot of help, but it is her fiery determination that makes the presentations happen. You must imagine what it would be like to tackle such a project while you manage a number of publications, Websites, video production and a lot of other things. And she is a Super Mom! Very proud of the job Jill does, and it gets better all the time.

Speaking of getting better, the leadership of BNP Media is fully committed to delivering great information, no matter what form it needs to take. This conference is expanded into video and print media, and parts of it drive our editorial all year long. BNP Media sent close to a dozen troops to make sure things would go smoothly, which they did. Thankfully, BNP Media staffs a division dedicated to staging conferences, which makes our great team of magazine folks look pretty darn good.

I am especially proud of our editorial team. Chris and Stephanie keep me straight month after month and having them at this conference means we will deliver complete coverage of the entire event.

Our sponsors are the BEST. They not only provide the resources required to deliver the conference, they bring a group of their contractor-partners as well. One roofing manufacturer alone filled over 10 percent of the seats! Speaking of contractors, this event would not amount to much without attendees. We are still awaiting the survey results, but I suspect they are going to give us more to brag about when all is said and done.

 The only thing missing may have been YOU. If you did not attend this Best of Success conference, or have not attended one in the past, you really should join us in Phoenix next September. It is a great way to learn, grow, and have a little fun rubbing elbows with some of the industry’s finest. See you there!