Tri-Built TorchTri-Built has announced a new Torch for roofing and many other uses requiring heating and drying. Goss Manufacturing, a Glenshaw, Pa. company, is making the new torch with a launch date scheduled the end of March. Goss has been serving the industry for more than 70 years and has one of the best reputations for quality, performance, and service.

The product will be available in a single kit, a detail torch kit, and a combination of both (pictured). A good torch is a must for roofing jobs that require heating and drying. But there are several applications a torch can come in handy.

Tri-Built is rapidly becoming a brand of choice with contractors by providing high quality, professional products at very competitive pricing. The new torch will certainly become one of these.

Features include a high heat output, adjustable flame, and a lever for a high pressure burst.

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