Training, sales and marketing reinforce each other.

Years ago, I was told by my dad that if I ever wanted to get out of the truck I needed to make my replacements. I got no further instructions on how to do that, but in that instant I knew what I had to do; I needed to train others to do what I was doing if I ever planned to move up.

So I began to make believe there was someone riding along with me, and I made notes of my teaching lessons to my imaginary trainee. This was how the trade manuals that documented how we did our work were born. Then I began to look at apprentices as more than big, strong helpers, and more as people who could become technicians or installers - who could work on their own or lead their own team.

All of this meant I needed to become a better trainer. That’s when I attended Dale Carnegie© classes. I also got a tip from a trainer who said I needed to watch myself train by shooting video. Frankly, it was very painful at first. But, it was the best thing I ever did! I got much better at training in a hurry.

The funny thing is the better I got at training the better I was as a tech and as a sales person. The other thing that happened when I got better at training and at selling was I got better at marketing.

This was when I discovered the “Triangle of Success”.

As a trainer, I had to sell my attendees a concept to get them to buy-in to what I was teaching them. It took salesmanship! Once I learned to see things more from their point of view, it just naturally happened when I visited prospective customers. I was much better at selling a concept and myself. I got so good at seeing what it took to sell one customer that I began to see who was and who wasn’t my ideal customer. This helped me “speak” to them, and all my marketing and sales continue to grow.

Training, sales and marketing are a self-reinforcing powerful triangle. The better you get, the closer you’ll be to having both the staff and customers you’ve always dreamed of.

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