Learn what it takes to not only become a Top 100 contractor, but one that is in the top 10 from Erie Home CEO Jenilee Common.

As one might expect from one of the top-performing roofing contractors in the nation, Erie Home representatives attended the 2024 International Roofing Expo to absorb the knowledge and latest products available. RC caught up with Common to hear more about her journey into roofing.

“I started my career 22 years ago in manufacturing so I’ve been in glass, and it just progressed all the way through to asphalt and shingle manufacturing and spent a lot of time in the industry,” Common said. “Erie Home is an exciting company, they’re growing a lot — I have a passion for bringing stewardship to the industry, taking the right products to the homeowners, and the homeowners should be benefiting from it.”

Prior to Erie Home, Common was vice president and general manager of Roofing Components at Owens Corning, where she spent more than 11 years at the company.

Founded in 1982, Ohio-based Erie Home is a home improvement company providing end-to-end services and consumer product solutions. It has partnered with Gridiron Capital, an investment firm, to help expand its national presence.

“We've been in business for over 40 years and so our warranty, our products, everything we do is going to be premium and it's for the life,” she said. “So once you become a customer of Erie, we will be with you for the rest of the life of the roof and the next one if there is one.”

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