APOC, the ICP Group’s brand of roofing and waterproofing products, is adding RoofSlope, an auxiliary sloping compound that fills in low spots on flat roofs to gain positive slope and aid in proper drainage, to its portfolio of roofing solutions. 

 In an October 26 news release, APOC said RoofSlope provides a durable finish that can match existing roofing compositions and is excellent for new construction and retrofit work, reducing costs associated with fixing slope-to-drain issues. 

“Adding RoofSlope to the APOC portfolio made sense, as we continue to grow the brand as a comprehensive home for professional roofing products to suit any contractor need,” said Daniele Martin, marketing manager at ICP Group, APOC’s parent company. 

“We are investing in the APOC brand for the long term to better serve roofing and waterproofing contractors and installers,” Martin added.

 The rebranding will not impact APOC RoofSlope’s testing data or approvals. All current performance data will remain the same.  

 For more information, visit RoofSlope.com