By Art Aisner

The construction industry largely applauded the infrastructure incentives and public works earmarks backed into the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 (IRA).

RC Legal Insights expert Trent Cotney continues to take a closer look at the expansive and expensive legislation and offered up an exclusive report to RC.

“When you do a deep dive into the IRA, there is a chance to really create some revenue,” said Cotney, partner with Adams & Reese, in this brief videochat with RC Editor-in-Chief Art Aisner.

He said that within the thousand or so pages of the federal legislation passed last August are incentives for community solar energy projects, and grant money set aside for disadvantaged neighborhoods – whether urban or rural. Roofers already dabbling in solar and that can deliver projects at scale could have a distinct advantage in their market.

“It’s a great opportunity for developers to access tax credits, and just really gives roofers an opportunity to tap into some of that if they’re in the solar space,” Cotney said.

Cotney also discussed the record heat wave sweeping across the country and how municipalities and roofing contractors he’s worked with are coping.

Watch the full conversation here.

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