A video posted on the platform X, formerly Twitter, shows how angry one roofer in Dublin, Ireland became after he claimed the homeowner failed to pay for work.

The minute-long clip, first posted on the UK-based Daily Mail newspaper’s website, shows the man, presumed to be a roofer, taking a chainsaw to the roof of what is to be believed a family home. About halfway through the video, the workman's actions alert what seems to be a family that lives in the house — but continues sawing away.

Video courtesy of the Daily Mail

Someone who is assumed to be a resident of the house grabs his phone to film the shocking encounter.

Near the end of the video, as soon as the man feels his work is done, he hastily escorts himself off the roof that he climbed on just moments earlier.

It is unclear what words, if any, were exchanged between the tradesman and residents of the house, but the tweet's original poster was supportive of him. 

His actions have been well received, with several Twitter users coming to his defense. Of course, Twitter is as often a ‘Bizarro World’ of humanity’s worst instincts as much as it is a news dissemination platform, so comments should be taken with a heaping lump of salt.