WAYNE, N.J. — GAF announced that it now has over 300 professional roofing contractors who have qualified as members of the Certified Green Roofer™ Program. Launched in 2010 and developed with partners like the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and the Construction Materials Recycling Association (CMRA), the Certified Green Roofer™ Program has paid more than $60,000 in incentive dollars to contractors for recycling.

Certified Green Roofers must pass a written test and complete a Sustainability Assessment before being admitted to the program. As a condition of membership, they commit to recycling shingles if they live in a state where recycling is available, and to joining their local chapter of the USGBC.

To help contractors find local recyclers, GAF sponsors the CMRA’s www.shinglerecycling.org web portal, and has helped it grow to a listing of almost 200 locations where contractors can recycle shingles. “We found that our factory-certified contractors wanted a rigorous program where they could learn all aspects of sustainability and apply them to their businesses,” said Martin Grohman, GAF’s director of sustainability. “They also wanted to have a meaningful designation that they could use to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability. The rapid growth of the program shows the commitment that professional roofing contractors have to running their businesses in a sustainable way.” 

For more information on the Certified Green Roofer™ Program, and for a how-to guide on shingle recycling, visit www.gaf.com/green. To find a shingle recycler, visit www.shinglerecycling.org.