WAYNE, N.J. — GAF announced that it has extended its commitment to green building and sustainable building practices by sponsoring the Certified Green Dealer® Program at the platinumlevel. The Certified Green Dealer Program (www.CertifiedGreenDealer.org) is the nation’s only program for training and certifying building material dealerships in the knowledge of green building products and practices.

This sponsorship is just the latest step that GAF has taken to support innovative green-building initiatives. In addition to GAF’s extensive internal sustainability efforts, GAF launched an industry-leading Certified Green Roofer Program and committed to a multiyear sponsorship of ShingleRecycling.org, which helps contractors and distributors connect with qualified shingle recyclers across the U.S. and Canada. Additionally, a wide range of related resources are available at gaf.com/green, including tools and resources to educate and inform roofers and contractors about the importance of cool roofs, roof ventilation, and green codes and rating systems.

“GAF has allocated substantial resources to green building, and it’s very clear that the company ‘talks the talk’ and ‘walks the walk’ when it comes to green building for commercial and residential buildings,” said John D. Wagner, a noted green expert and managing partner of the Certified Green Dealer Program. “GAF has demonstrated a clear commitment to green roofing and shingle recycling programs. Through the Certified Green Dealer Program, we hope to make GAF’s programs pervasive throughout the industry.”

“Through sponsoring the Certified Green Dealer Program, GAF shows its support for training and certifying one-step and two-step building material dealers on topics related to green building, green products, and sustainable practices,” said Paul Bromfield, GAF’s senior vice president of marketing. “By allying GAF with Certified Green Dealer, we continue to assemble world-class educational and marketing resources for green roofers across North America.”

For more information, visit www.gaf.com.