TAMKO - Rick the Roofer - MugJOPLIN, MO. — TAMKO Building Products Inc. has announced a new resource for roofing industry professionals: Rick the Roofer.

Also known as Field Sales Training Manager Rick Taylor, Rick the Roofer will specialize in product and installation training.

Taylor has served as a TAMKO products expert with nearly 50 years of roofing industry experience, including the past 24 years at TAMKO.

“Rick knows roofing and he knows TAMKO,” said TAMKO’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing Stephen McNally. “This new position is the perfect way to expand his leadership of training as a resource for contractors.”

Rick the Roofer will travel nationwide in a custom-built truck and trailer that is designed to transport portable TAMKO product displays and equipment for product installation demonstrations at locations such as dealers, distributors and industry trade events.

McNally said, “We’re thrilled to have Rick the Roofer out in the field continuing to grow relationships with industry professionals on behalf of TAMKO.”

TAMKO hosted a kick-off event for Rick the Roofer’s first-ever national roadshow on July 24 at company headquarters in Joplin. The event featured live product and training demonstrations from Rick along with TAMKO product and gear giveaways. Joplin-area contractors, builders, dealers and distributors were in attendance.

“I’ve always enjoyed working with roofers, meeting people, and spreading the word about the TAMKO products that I love,” Taylor said. “Now, I’ll be traveling across America doing just that!”

Roofing contractors and industry professionals are encouraged to connect with and follow Rick the Roofer on social media where he will post the latest information on products, industry news, and updates on the locations of his appearances on the national roadshow. Rick can be found on Facebook at Rick the Roofer Taylor, on Twitter, @Rick_theRoofer, and on Instagram, @Rick_theRoofer.

TAMKO Building Products Inc. is one of the nation’s largest independent manufacturers of residential and commercial roofing products. More information about TAMKO may be obtained at www.tamko.com.