It can happen anywhere, anytime. A negative review about a roofing service, company, contractor or piece of equipment can be shared with an unlimited number of people with just a few key strokes. The damage to a company’s reputation -- and a roofer’s bottom line -- could be severe. That’s why reputation management was one of the topics RC Legal Insights expert Trent Cotney spoke about recently with roofing professionals at the at the 101st FRSA Expo in Florida.  

“I talked about understanding how important it is to respond to customer service because it’s not necessarily you attaching the other person, it’s what other people see,” Cotney, partner with Adams & Reese, explained from the showroom floor.  

He went on to discuss the importance of cybersecurity and how it all starts with an audit of what critical information contractors and storing, and who has access to it.  

Watch the full conversation here.