When you’re the person clients meet walking into an office, the pressure of pleasantry on demand can be a tall order. If, after a decade, you’re still in that role, something must be going well; to that end, Quality Roofing Inc. has its “Wisconsin Nice” image thanks to Heidi Krohn. 

As the firm’s office manager, Krohn is in a jack-of-all-trades role, making sure orders are executed, supplies are ordered, bills are paid, and remits are collected. Celebrating her 10th year with the Marshfield, Wisc.-based roofing concern, her role seems secure.

In a news release on June 5, Quality Roofing’s principals summed up their office manager's importance in keeping the wheels greased for smooth operation.

"I think we should all just buy Heidi a drink; she deserves one for putting up with all of us,” owner Pat Begotka said jokingly. “And there's no one more enjoyable to have a drink with than Heidi! Her infectious energy elevates the workplace, benefiting everyone at QRI; we are truly fortunate to have her."

The company makes a note of the “dynamic work environment” Krohn operates in, which is often a codeword for “fluid,” “unpredictable,” and countless other synonyms for “versatile.” Krohn says no two days are alike. 

"While there are certain routine tasks, each day presents new and unexpected challenges," she said. "Before joining Quality Roofing, I worked in Human Resources and was seeking a change; when I came across the job opening, I decided to apply.”

And, after 10 years for a small but well-regarded commercial contractor that counts among its clients Lambeau Field, home of the NFL’s Green Bay Packers, and the Kohl Center at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, the face of Quality Roofing has nothing but praise for her employers.

"Being employed by [co-owner] Mark [Begotka] and Pat is truly special; it's rare to find employers who genuinely care for their employees, but they do," she said. "They understand that each team member is unique and has different needs. We are treated as both individuals and a cohesive team."

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