OMG_1_Top.pngOMG Roofing Products, a division of Massachussetts-based OMG, Inc., recently released the new OMG ReadySump RetroDrain as an extension to the OlyFlow lineup of retrofit roof drains. 

ReadySump combines a pre-fabricated drain sump and an integrated OMG retrofit drain in one easy-to-install product the company says is designed to eliminate the labor-intensive, multi-step process of field-fabricating a drain sump. 

OMG_2_Bottom Silh.pngThe product features a 9.75-inch drain stem with the company’s U-Flow Mechanical Seal, flashed at the highest point of the sump — not around the drain — which OMG says allows for improved rooftop quality.

In addition to streamlining the installation process, OMG ReadySump improves rooftop flow performance by featuring OMG’s Vortex Breaker Technology and a heavy-duty cast aluminum strainer dome.

April 2023 OMG ReadySump RetroDrain Offerings:

  • OMG ReadySump RetroDrain 3” Diameter – TPO (SUMPTPO3V)
  • OMG ReadySump RetroDrain 4” Diameter – TPO (SUMPTPO4V)
  • OMG ReadySump RetroDrain 5” Diameter – TPO (SUMPTPO5V)
  • OMG ReadySump RetroDrain 6” Diameter – TPO (SUMPTPO6V)

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