The 6th annual Roofing Day – where stakeholders from across the industry come together to relay concerns to members of Congress with one voice is fast approaching, April 18-19. The fly-in event to Washington D.C. is the industry’s single-largest advocacy initiative on Capitol Hill and continues to grow in importance each time, said McKay Daniels, CEO of the National Roofing Contractors Association.

“It’s an industry event,” Daniels said in this brief video with RC. “Folks from across the industry coming together for a few days in Washington D.C. to talk about the important issues with our elected officials.”

A former congressional staffer for years, Daniels said it’s important for members of Congress to hear the impact of their decision from contractors directly.

“I’m still recovering from that (time period),” Daniels joked. “It is vitally important that folks show up and tell their story. Every industry has lobbyists … but telling that story and having that personal connection is important.”

Regulation, effective immigration reform and workforce initiatives will be among the agenda items when members of each state’s roofing delegation meet with their respective elected officials.

Highlights of this year’s program include speaker Bill Wehrum, a former assistant administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, and other presentations on effective communications with congressional officials and staff.

Watch the full conversation here.