Roof King Roofing & Solar, a San Diego-based provider of roofing and solar solutions, recently announced the launch of its Solar Letter of Intent Program [SLIP], allowing California homeowners to protect their Net Energy Metering [NEM] 2 rates and make informed solar decisions without the pressure of a rushed installation.

NEM 2 is an incentive program offered by the state of California that allows homeowners to save money by selling excess energy generated by their solar panels back to the utility grid. However, NEM 2 is set to expire on April 14, 2023, which means homeowners must act quickly to take advantage of the program.

Roof King Roofing’s SLIP program allows homeowners to secure their NEM 2 rates by submitting a non-deficient interconnection application with their local utility company, allowing them to secure their NEM 2 rates for up to 36 months. The program gives homeowners more time to make informed decisions about their solar installation.

“We understand that making the decision to go solar can be overwhelming, especially with the time-sensitive nature of NEM 2," said Brian Duggan, CEO of Roof King Roofing & Solar. "That's why we created the SLIP program to empower homeowners to make informed solar decisions without feeling rushed or pressured."

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NEM evaluation_graph2.pngGraph courtesy of the California Public Utility Commission