KNAACK® announced that the company will partner with World’s Strongest Man (WSM) for the third year in a row. The partnership builds upon the brand’s focus to celebrate hard working professionals and world class athletes that push themselves to be stronger than strong. 

“We are thrilled to announce year three of our partnership with World’s Strongest Man and the opportunity to use our durable products in the 2023 finals”, said Stacy Gardella, head of global marketing technology and operations at WernerCo. “We are always looking for ways to support initiatives that align with like-minded companies and audiences. We believe this collaboration will allow us to showcase our support for those individuals who strive for strength, while providing our brand additional reach and exposure.”KNAACK-Deadlift.jpg

The SBD World's Strongest Man competition showcases the best athletes in their field. Contestants test both physical and mental strength to power through a series of intense challenges, including lifting, throwing and carrying heavy objects in 12 events across four days. Thirty top athletes from around the world will gather to test core skills of strength, mental-fortitude and stamina.

The 2023 events will include a series of challenges, from 300-pound stone throws to a vehicle pull to 1,000-pound deadlifts. No easy feat, even for the strongest athletes. Previous years’ competitions demonstrated contestants going head-to-head in the 772 pound (350 kg) KNAACK Deadlift for total reps within a time limit of one minute as well as the KNAACK medley event of the Yoke Walk with the DataVault, a professional job box for those needing data connectivity on the worksite.

2023 National Campaign and World's Strongest Man Event Details

This years’ highly-anticipated event will be held in April in Myrtle Beach, S.C. Four days of grueling and strength-induced competitions will result in the crowning of the next World’s Strongest Man. The KNAACK Deadlift will be a key part of the events on April 22, 2023 to test the number of repetitions that an athlete is able to finish in a specific time period. 

The SBD World’s Strongest Man events will air on CBS and CBS Sports Network from May through September, which will feature the much anticipated KNAACK Deadlift in the Finals. The events will also air internationally around the world, including Channel 5 in the UK.

In addition to television exposure, KNAACK will partner with World’s Strongest Man and this year’s athletes to vote on the Tools of a Strongman Award recipient. This first annual presentation will recognize the hardest working athlete in this year’s competition voted by his peers. Follow the excitement and get involved with #toolsofastrongman and #CantCrackKNAACK

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