The Garland Company has introduced a new tool for roofing contractors with the rollout of its new FireTite Primer, an intumescent coating the company says inhibits the spread of flame and smoke on a wood substrate. 

Wood is an important raw material for many buildings,” Matt McDermott, president of Garland’s U.S. Roofing Division, said in a statement. “As a result, we see it specified in a significant number of projects. But of course, wood components in a roofing assembly can add fuel to a fire; FireTite Primer [transforms] wood decking and components from a liability in the case of fire to an asset that [helps] inhibit the spread.”

Garland says when the primer is exposed to flame or extreme heat, FireTite swells, forming a char-barrier that protects the wood substrate, keeping it from becoming fuel for the fire. In lab testing, the char-barrier remains effective even after multiple exposures to a flame.

The company said its FireTite Primer also adds value to a roofing assembly by providing Class III vapor retardancy to the roofing assembly, reducing the risk of moisture accumulating in the wood and maintaining its strength. The product is ready-to-use, low-odor, and can be applied via brush, roller, or spray. When applied, FireTite Primer dries in as little as 60 minutes and cures in about 24 hours.

Said McDermott, “Managing risk is top of mind for every asset owner. With FireTite Primer, we’re providing a new way for facility managers to have peace of mind.”

FireTite Primer is now available from any of Garland’s over 220 territory managers across the US and Canada. To learn more, visit