WILMINGTON, Del. — IKO announced in a joint press conference with the State of South Carolina that the company will be constructing two new manufacturing sites in Chester County.

The two projects will include the acquisition of a site on Lancaster Highway outside of Chester, which will become a new fiberglass manufacturing facility. The second project, located about a quarter mile away, will use the fiberglass plant's output to manufacture fiberglass mat in a new, 325,000-square-foot state-of-the-art plant. Glass mat is a vital component in asphalt shingle production, and the mat plant will supply IKO's growing network of shingle manufacturing sites in the United States.

The two plants will represent more than a $360 million investment by IKO and will create nearly 200 local jobs in the community. The company expects to complete construction of the facilities and commence production by late 2025.

The press conference, held at IKO's newly acquired Lancaster Highway site, included remarks from South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster, who congratulated IKO on its arrival in the state.

"IKO is very pleased to be opening its first wholly owned glass and glass mat facilities in South Carolina," said David Koschitzky, CEO for IKO. "This is just the latest of many significant investments IKO has made to support a growing U.S. market presence. We are tremendously gratified by the warm welcome we have received from the state and local governments, and as a family run business look forward to being part of the Chester County business community family for many years to come."