As part of its commitment to community and social responsibility, Guardian Roofing & Gutters has announced that nominations are open for its 2023 Guardian HALO Project.

Formed in 2018, the Guardian HALO Project is an annual by-nomination contest to help provide a deserving local family with a new roof or roof repair.

"We are firm believers that to whom much is given, much should be expected. Guardian Roofing & Gutters has been given so much in the form of our team, clients, and supportive community, that it is our honor and privilege to use the unique nature of our business to provide a gift that could be otherwise financially unwieldy to a local family … the gift of a new roof system," saidLori Swanson, owner of Guardian Roofing and Gutters. 

According to Guardian Roofing, a new roof system could cost a homeowner $16,000 to $80,000 depending on scale and materials used. By donating roofing services, the company aims to improve the recipient's quality of life. 

"The impact and value a new roof provides over time can be multiples of the initial investment," said Swanson.

Every year, Guardian's internally-led team embarks on the HALO Project where one local homeowner who is facing dire conditions is gifted with a major roof repair or replacement. The local community is encouraged to nominate themselves or someone in need on the Guardian website to receive this life-changing prize.

For the past four years and four rounds of the Guardian HALO Project, the team at Guardian Roofing & Gutters has awarded four new roofs to local families.

"Every year, the HALO Project allows everyone on our team to connect with the community in a deeper and more personal way than anything else we do," said Luke De Monnin, HALO project manager for Guardian Roofing & Gutters. "From start to finish, from selecting the homeowner to completing the project, the passion put forth has proven year after year that it is more than just providing a free roof for a family in need, it's the start of a lasting, close relationship with that family, the community involved, and everyone at Guardian. It is a major highlight of our year, and we are thrilled to continue it in 2023."

The Meaning of HALO

According to Swanson, HALO has a deep meaning for the company. The 'H' stands for "helping," which can include helping the community, families, or simply enriching others' lives. 'A' stands for "achieving" a purpose and successfully filling a need. 'L' stands for "lasting," meaning not only a company that lasts, but fostering lasting relationships. Finally, 'O' stands for "overcome," meaning completing people's needs that resulted from outlying obstacles.

Partner manufacturers, distributors, and industry professionals who contribute their services or products to the Guardian Halo Project include Owens Corning, Sound Building Supply, Beacon, Velux, and more.