Happy New Year! It is that time of the year when we look backwards and forward at the same time. Here are some random thoughts on both from my perspective.

I have never had a bad year. I have had years when some really bad things happened in my life, like they did in 2022. Even with the awfulness I encountered in 2022, it was not all bad. I refuse to call it a “bad year.”

I was able to celebrate my great-granddaughter’s first birthday.

I never missed a meal. Ate too well in fact, as the tension around my beltline is telling me.

I enjoyed warm, dry places thanks to the very people with whom I get to work every day.

On top of these things, which we all take for granted, I was able to enjoy a number of amazing business successes. Not the kind that line my pocket so much, and certainly not the kind for which I was solely responsible. But I still get to own them and enjoy the good feelings that come with them.

Roofing Contractor continued to grow in 2022 with the best roofing-industry audience there is. Our Publisher, Jill Bloom, has become a regular Jane Pauley on the video circuit. Editors Art Aisner and Chris Gray continue to keep the great flow of information coming, and they both received well-deserved promotions in 2022: Art is now Editor-in-Chief of Roofing Contractor and Chris is now Editor of our newest media outlet, Roofing Supply Pro.

It is my joy to collaborate with the entire team, and 2022 was amazing.

Speaking of Roofing Supply Pro, it has been a dream of mine to provide editorial, specifically for the professionals who work in roofing-oriented distribution. In 2022, Roofing Contractor parent company, BNP Mediagave Ms. Bloom the opportunity to bring the dream to life.

I have experience in the distribution side of the roofing industry. I hold dear the people who have made it what it is today and continue to work hard every day delivering the goods and supporting their roofing-contractor clientele in a variety of ways. We will officially introduce Roofing Supply Pro to the industry at the 2023 International Roofing Expo, March 7-9, in Dallas.

We always look forward to providing great editorial, as well as videos, podcasts, webinars, eNews, an eMagazine, and our Best of Success Conference for roofing contractors.

Speaking of Best of Success 2022, the event was stellar. The reviews from the attendees and sponsors were off the charts, but it was especially rewarding for me. I learned from some of the top thought leaders in the business. We were honored to have a small group of them share their thoughts about the things we offer across our various media platforms and will continue to innovate.

People in the industry whom I love treated me to dinner more than once. Not enough room here to tell you about them all, but catch me at the IRE and I will fill you in.

It was particularly enjoyable to reprise my drone piloting and photography work for the first time since COVID shuttered the world. I dusted off my Part 107 sUAS certification and bought a new drone with an amazing pair of cameras. After receiving permission from the FAA, I shot the cover of this month’s eMagazine the evening of our BOS reception at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess resort in Scottsdale, Ariz.

Roofing Contractor started reporting on drones in roofing in 2013. Since then, roofing contractors and third-party operators have embraced the technology for way more than simply taking photos and videos. 2022 brought some new innovations, and the FAA has made operating drones in business much simpler than it was in 2013.

So, in 2023, we will offer reporting to celebrate our 10th year covering the topic.

Before I move on to 2023, however, I must share one last piece of joy I encountered in 2022. At the invitation of my good friend, Allen Lancaster, I toured the project that will be his “grand finale” for the business he has worked in as long as I can recall: Metalcrafts, Inc., a Tecta America Company, Savannah, Ga.

Allen ran the company for the majority of the time he worked there, but he is renowned for his amazing estimating skills. He also has the ability to train estimators, and he has produced many over the years.

For his last act, Allen is running the combination retrofit and new construction roofing project for the convention center on Hutchinson Island located on the Savannah River. It was a real treat for me spend time with Allen walking the project and observing his innovative approaches to materials storage, handling, and, of course, metal edge and flashing details.

In 2023, I plan to continue enjoying life in the roofing industry. It will be great if you roofing-supply professionals will join us on our new adventure. As for our roofing-contractor readers, viewers, and listeners, make it a safe year. Keep your projects safe and your future sales, productivity, and profits will shine.