DENVER — Georgia-Pacific, a leading commercial and residential building products manufacturer, announced a partnership with HomeSphere, a platform connecting building product manufacturers to 2,700-plus homebuilders who collectively construct more homes than the top five public homebuilders combined.

Homebuilders can now access exclusive rebates on the ForceField® Weather Barrier System from Georgia-Pacific. ForceField Weather Barrier System is an integrated weather-resistive barrier (WRB) sheathing for walls and sloped roofs that, when combined with the ForceField Weather Barrier system tapes, helps to reduce weather-related challenges and delays. Compared to traditional systems, ForceField Weather Barrier System helps multi-family and residential structures dry faster, simplifying construction. 

“Georgia-Pacific is the go-to manufacturer for exterior sheathing products,” said HomeSphere president and CEO Greg Schwarzer. “The Georgia-Pacific name is trusted by contractors and architects alike for quality and innovation. Through the partnership, HomeSphere builders can save time and costs during a critical time for the industry.”

The ForceField Weather Barrier System integrates WRB sheathing panels with compatible wall and roof tape accessories to deliver a seamless build; the added value of Georgia-Pacific technical support includes application best practices and troubleshooting. HomeSphere builders gain early access to the product, which is active in multiple key markets from Colorado to the east coast and rapidly expanding. 

“With the availability of many building materials not currently guaranteed, homebuilders who want to use high-quality products, and get them quickly, can benefit from choosing Georgia-Pacific ForceField Weather Barrier System and HomeSphere,” said John Beers, vice president of sales, structural panels for Georgia-Pacific.

HomeSphere’s partnerships with well-respected brands give its 2,700-plus single-family and multifamily builders access to an unprecedented catalog of leading-edge materials and technologies. Its platform directly connects builders to manufacturers like Georgia-Pacific to construct functional, modern homes with less friction and cost.