The way that the roofing and construction industry uses paid time off (PTO) and the way it's understood could be over, says Trent Cotney of Adams and Reese.

In this brief Legal Insights episode, Cotney discusses how the concepts of PTO and vacation time have shifted due to the prevalence of hybrid work and work-from-home models. Flex PTO could be the solution for roofing contractors, not only to manage vacation time easier, but to retain employees.

"When (employers) enact flex PTO, what happens is the employees don't take as much vacation time," Cotney said. "It's probably a benefit to employers and also a great sales tool."

In addition, by paying attention to legislation that is coming out of California regarding governmental oversight of the fast food industry, Cotney says sectoral bargaining could be in the cards for the construction industry if it is adopted.

"What causes me concern is it's very similar to what I see in Europe," Cotney said. "In addition to similar union-type structures, they have government commissions that regulate wages and pay for different industries."

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