StoColor Metallic


StoColor® Metallic from Sto Corp. offers the ability to achieve a metallic panel look with a variety of color and texture options. All 15 standard colors can be applied over smooth or textured surfaces, creating a custom look while utilizing standard finishes. The coating system features StoColor Metallic Top Coat, a lightweight, breakthrough new acrylic-based coating with metallic effect pigments, applied over StoColor Metallic Base. It’s the combination of the two layers that creates the luminous depth, allowing subtle light-induced color shifts to produce a dynamic metal look. For more information, visit

Peel & Seal PowerBond White 250 Install.jpg

Peel & Seal PowerBond

MFM Building Products

Peel & Seal PowerBond® White 250 is the ideal choice to tape seams on insulated aluminum panels and metal roofing systems to create a lasting, waterproof bond. It is also an excellent choice as a general flashing material, for metal roof and gutter repair, and as an all-purpose waterproofing membrane for any hard to waterproof area. Peel & Seal PowerBond® White 250 is a 25-mil, self-adhering membrane that features a patented PowerBond® adhesive system, which aggressively adheres in temperatures as low as 25 degrees Fahrenheit (-4 degrees Celsius). The UV-resistant aluminum top surface can be exposed to sunlight indefinitely, providing a long-lasting, protective barrier against the elements. For more detailed product information, or to request a free sample, visit or call MFM Customer Service at 800-882-7663.


238T Standing Seam Roof System

McElroy Metal

McElroy Metal offers multiple methods of metal roof recover, including the 238T Metal-Over-Metal standing seam roofing system, a symmetrical standing seam system setting a new standard for performance with ease of installation, outstanding wind uplift and strength characteristics, individual panel replacement capability and jobsite roll forming for longer panels. The mechanically seamed 238T is available in aluminum (.032 inches and .040 inches), Galvalume (24 and 22 gauge) and copper (16 and 20 ounce) in 16- and 18-inch panel widths. Panels measuring 24 inches wide are available, but have to be manufactured onsite. Visit for more information.


Industrial Metal Master 20 EZ Model IM1065

Van Mark

Van Mark’s Industrial Metal Master 20 EZ model IM1065 is a heavy-duty metal brake with a 20-inch throat depth designed for the installation of siding, windows and metal roofing. It is the workhorse of the construction industry due to its simple design, low maintenance requirements and long life. To this day, Van Mark manufactures and assembles tools in the U.S. while other less-expensive brands choose to source many key components offshore. This allows Van Mark to maintain the highest standard of quality and keeps jobs in the United States. For more information, call 800-VAN-MARK (826-6275), or visit

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Thermally Broken Smoke Vent


BILCO’s thermally broken smoke vent features R-20+ insulation and a frame and cover design that minimizes heat transfer between interior and exterior metal surfaces. Similar to the company’s line of thermally broken roof hatches, this recently-introduced product resists harmful condensation and sets the standard for energy efficiency while providing the safety and protection of automatic smoke ventilation. Smoke vents protect property and assist firefighters in bringing a fire under control by allowing for the escape of smoke, heat and gases from a burning building. Thermally broken smoke vents are UL listed and available in both standard and custom sizes. Visit for more information.




FasciaVent by DCI is providing cool air to any pitched roof with 9 NFVA rating. FasciaVent installed on asphalt or metal roofing allows air to enter through the top of the existing fascia board (one-inch incision) and traveling under the entire roof deck and out the preferred exhaust vent. FasciaVent is easy to install. It protects the eaves from gutter leakage and allows 100% airflow with winter snow. FasciaVent is virtually invisible after installation. Call 800-622-4455 or visit for more information.




Designed and engineered on a site-specific basis, ColorGard by S-5!, is the trusted snow guard solution for any metal roof. ColorGard is manufactured with 100% non-corrosive metals and is simple and easy to install with surprising affordability. Extensively tested for load-to-failure results, ColorGard provides the safety and serviceability you need while complementing the look of your roof, with a clean appearance and perfect color and finish-matching, designed to last the life of the roof. For more information, visit


Metal Depots

Ideally suited for commercial, industrial and residential metal roof applications, PBR is the most commonly used exposed fastener panel. It can also be used as a wall panel. PBR is a robust, long-lasting multipurpose 36-inch-wide panel with a rib height of 1-1/4 inches and rib spacing of 12 inches on center. Available in standard 26-gauge Galvalume, PBR is also available in 29- and 22-gauge with Metal Depots’ Galvalume Plus® or Signature 200® coatings. For more information on Metal Depots products, visit




SuperLok is a mechanically field-seamed vertical leg standing seam roof system that combines a two-inch tall slim rib with exceptional uplift resistance. SuperLok is available in 12- and 16-inch widths and is designed to withstand the most rigorous weather conditions. SuperLok does not require a solid substrate for support and can be installed directly over purlins or bar joists. SuperLok is available in standard 24-gauge as well as 26- and 22-gauge, with a striated or embossed striated finish, in MBCI’s Galvalume Plus®, Signature 200®, Signature 300® and 300 Metallic coatings. For more information about MBCI and its family of companies and many product offerings, visit or call 877-713-6224.



Imperial Rib®


ABC’s most popular panel, Imperial Rib, is a widely used exposed fastener panel and is an ideal fit for nearly every building project your customers take on. With optional Drip Stop technology, a patented condensation control membrane, Imperial Rib is used in many industries, including post-frame. Imperial Rib holds up against industry safety standards as the choice option for the commercial and residential market. Available in 29- and 26-gauge, Imperial Rib has a .75-inch high rib and is 36 inches wide. For more information, visit