A sad reality of the roofing industry is that there are bad actors who make headlines by running off with payments after not completing work or simply not doing any work. In a twist, a Texas roofing contractor is seeking outstanding payment for work they performed.

According to the Southeast Texas Record, Tile Roofs of Texas has filed a complaint in the Galveston County 212th District Court for breach of contract with a homeowner. Court documents state that in April 2021, Robert Coreale, president of Tile Roofs, sent homeowner April Didrikson a proposal for roofing work. Later that year, she accepted the proposal. Between January and April 2022, Tile Roofs "substantially or completely" performed the work outlined in the proposal. The proposal included an all-new slate roof system, removal of facia, tear off and install metal roofs on dormers and replacing gutter systems. 

Plaintiffs claim that Didrikson has failed to pay an outstanding $32,600 for the work, and thus breached their contract. As a result, Tile Roofs is seeking more than $32,000 in actual damages, including damages for economic injury, as well as attorney fees.