PORTLAND, Ore. — WaveCel has launched its new line of Type II+, full-brimmed hard hats – the WaveCel T2+ MAX vented hard hat for all-day wear and the WaveCel T2+ PRO non-vented hard hat for electrical jobs.

In over 50 years, WaveCel is the first company to redesign significantly the standard hard hat by not only accounting for style and comfort, but by lining the entire hard hat shell, crown, and sides with its collapsible WaveCel spatial cellular structure to provide 360 degrees of protection and better absorb energy from a head impact from all angles. Backed by science and rigorous testing, the WaveCel hard hat is designed for various industries, including construction, electrical, engineering, manufacturing, aerospace, mining, gas, oil and forestry. 

All hard hats are not created equal. Even one injury to the head is one too many for employees and can result in debilitating and costly traumatic brain injury, or a heavy legal and financial burden for companies from insurance claims and a loss of productivity. More and more companies are investing in their employees and prioritizing workplace safety, including bolstering company-wide protective gear and tools.

Hard hat protection certification is divided into two categories – Type I and Type II. With that, there are two types of impact performance levels specified in the US Standard (Z89.1-2014) and Canadian Standard (Z94.1-15). Type I hard hats are designed to provide protection from vertical impacts resulting from a blow to the top of the head only. Type II hard hats provides the same crown protection from vertical impacts as well as additional protection from lateral impacts such as hits to the head from the front, side, and back. While most hard hats in the industry are only Type I certified, both WaveCel hard hats are not only Type II certified, but also go one step further to protect against rotational forces in addition to lateral impacts. 

Slips and falls are more common than crown impacts and induce rotational forces to the brain that carry a great risk to workers. WaveCel is a network of hundreds of interconnected shock absorbers attenuating impacts through three principal mechanisms: flex, crumple, and glide. Cells crumple to absorb linear forces. More importantly, they also flex and glide to attenuate rotational forces.  

Proudly made in the USA, the T2+ PRO and the T2+ MAX are currently available for purchase at WaveCel.com and TPRindustrial.com.