CINCINNATI — STACK Construction Technologies, creators of an industry-leading, cloud-based preconstruction platform, announced its partnership with CentiMark to connect business systems and enable easier access to critical data. As one of the largest commercial roofing contractors, smooth transfer of data across all departments is crucial for CentiMark’s continued success, and STACK is now a key element, connecting preconstruction to the rest of their workflow.

“From a CIO’s perspective, what makes STACK stand out to me is the open architecture,” says Greg Wilson, senior vice president and chief information officer at CentiMark. “At an organization of our size, STACK is not a standalone software, but a part of the business process. STACK’s application programming interfaces, which allow us to integrate other systems into STACK, are unique. One of the really exciting things about STACK is that we go from being rigid and inflexible to being able to quickly respond to customers.”

Phil Ogilby, founder and CEO of STACK, said the focus of his team has always been on the needs of the subcontractor and the importance of data.

“There are no other preconstruction platforms in existence today specifically for subcontractors, and most of those that are on the market are desktop-based and leave teams siloed," said Ogilby. "For large organizations like CentiMark, that’s not an option for business in today’s world. We’re thrilled to be able to offer STACK’s open API to help streamline the CentiMark workflow in a way that no other preconstruction solutions can.”

With 95 offices and over 3,500 employees across North America, it’s essential that the CentiMark team be able to collaborate and work efficiently together from any location. Feature functionality and user experience were decisive factors in the selection of STACK. But it’s not only STACK’s ease of use that won the team over. Wilson emphasizes the value of connectivity and integration, and the seamless flow of data into and out of various systems – including STACK – for successful business operations.

"As CentiMark brings its preconstruction data in line with other powerful business tools, they’ll be ahead of the curve and able to make informed decisions to increase both profitability and customer satisfaction,” Ogilby said. “We’re excited to welcome CentiMark into the STACK family and to contribute to their continued growth and success.”