MOORESVILLE, N.C. — POWERHOME SOLAR announced it will be evolving into Pink Energy. The new name, which will go into effect on Earth Day on April 22, better reflects the evolution of the company and the critical new era of energy importance in our world.

Since launching the company in 2014, POWERHOME SOLAR strives to do good things for the planet and for people, and the new brand better coveys that mission. Pink Energy remains committed to protecting the environment by providing homeowners with cleaner, greener sources of energy. Pink Energy as a brand better embodies the company's commitment to the entire energy efficiency ecosystem.

Since 2014, POWERHOME SOLAR has been providing clean energy solutions to customers across the country and now they will continue as Pink Energy.

"Our team is excited about launching a new name that is more relevant today and reflective of the evolution of our company," said Jayson Waller, CEO of Pink Energy. "Though solar energy remains our primary focus, we believe in the entire energy ecosystem, which includes backup battery systems, solar energy products and smarter energy solutions, even LED lighting."

The name change is the first of many steps customers and employees will see over the coming months and years, which include:

  • Expansion of the Customer Experience team and a renewed commitment to improving customer service
  • 10-year labor workmanship warranty (previously five years)
  • Digital customer portal being launched giving new customers real-time insight into project status and timelines while providing existing customers a post-install communication and support tool.

The company grew from the original 30 employees in 2015 to more than 2,100 employees today in 2022. Nearly 1,500 employees were hired over the past two years of the pandemic. Despite global hiring challenges, POWERHOME SOLAR continues to hire hundreds of employees in one of the fastest growing industries in the United States.

"We've grown a lot over the past few years and are looking toward the future," Waller said. "We are excited to roll out a new name that better suits us while we roll out new benefits for our customers and new growth opportunities for employees."

Since 2020, POWERHOME SOLAR has been a distributor of equipment from Generac Power Systems, an American manufacturer of backup power generation products for residential and commercial markets. Pink Energy will continue to provide homeowners with a complete energy package that includes Generac battery storage components that are compatible with virtually all solar panel installations.