TAMPA, Fla. — Cotney Consulting Group (CCG) announced they are concentrating on three main solution offerings to meet the needs of their clients. The roofing industry is looking for sustainable business growth with maximized profitability. CCG will meet those needs through comprehensive online training, "COO on Demand," coaching and innovative technology strategy.

“Each client’s journey is different, but the destination is always the same: successful transformation,” said John Kenney, CEO of Cotney Consulting Group. “With the goal of increasing revenues and profitability, Cotney Consulting Group helps roofing contractors find success by focusing on the operational review of roofing companies combined with online training resources.”

CCG’s online training is the fastest-growing segment of their business. Current offerings consist of a full range of estimating training from the beginner level through industry estimating certification. Operationally, CCG offers project manager and superintendent training. Future courses currently in design include executive-level business leadership and management courses, strategy, sales and marketing, accounting, human resources and more.

“We did not learn business consulting from a book but with real-world experience. CCG is bringing 45-plus years of experience running eight-figure, multi-million-dollar roofing companies. This positions us ahead of other business consultants solving the problems roofing contractors face every day,” said Kenney.

Cotney Consulting Group is dedicated to sharing its knowledge and experience to help roofing contractors achieve success. To find out more about consulting services or online training, visit www.cotneyconsulting.com and www.shopcotneycg.com.